Om Puri: Pakistani Film Industry Is Not Any Less Than Bollywood

Om Puri: Pakistani Film Industry Is Not Any Less Than Bollywood
In reference to the recent press conference held in Dubai at the premier of  Actor in Law Om Puri shares a few insights into working alongside a Pakistani cast in the upcoming Pakistani movie. 

He described it as an amazing and exciting experience to be a part of the  Pakistani film industry for the very first time. Though, he has visited Pakistan six times for the film, each visit was special and had a charm of its own. He found Pakistanis to be hospitable, warm and welcoming. He also found Pakistani artists to be exceptionally talented, he also went on to say that they are no less than what they have in India and our film industry is no less!

According to him, give and take four years and the Pakistani film industry will be thriving.

In conversation with Hello! he says it was the script that made him instantly become a part of  Actor in Law. He loved the solid writing and was overall very happy to see how it was structure as he says,

"Pakistani script writers are amazing and have the depth to tell stories in a great way".

He said he had worked with Pakistani actors before in International films like Shoot on Sight (2007) starring Mikaal Zulfiqar and though it was a lot of fun back but coming to Pakistan himself and shooting here for Actor in Law was a completely different experience.

" I would love to come again and work in more Pakistani films if the script is good". 

The legendary, Om Puri's career runs over four decades with exceptional performances in Astha (1996)  opposite Rekha, the award winning Mritudand (1997) with Shabana and Madhuri Dixit. His international projects like East is East (1999)  and The Hundred Foot Journey (2014) He said he enjoyed the most working Rekha, Madhuri and Shabana Azmi but finds this new breadth of actors in Pakistani industry no less.

He also highlighted that Pakistani singers have been coming over to perform in India since Farida Khanum's time and he feels that the exchange of artists will be even bigger in terms of more Indian actors working in Pakistani film and vice versa.

Actor in Law also stars Fahad Mustufa and Mehvish Hayat in leading roles and is slated to release in Pakistan this Eidul Adha.