Mehwish Hayat Talks About Her Upcoming Movie, 'Actor in Law'

Mehwish Hayat Talks About Her Upcoming Movie, 'Actor in Law'

Looking ravishing in a white flowy gown with peach flowers by Amato Couture, Mehwish Hayat speaks exclusively to Hello! at the premiere of Actor in Law in Dubai. She expresses her admiration for Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie, Shabana Azmi and Madhuri Dixit and finds them a true source of inspiration. It is a combination of their hard work and talent that she looks up to them for. 

After telling us where she looks for inspiration, she speaks about her own upcoming film  Actor in Law and a little about her own role,

"This is my third film but first as the main lead heroine none-the-less I'm super confident as we have made an honest attempt. There was a lot of acting margin, I had the main protagonist character so I had to work really hard. This role is a complete package."

She adds that the film is very entertaining and that she takes pride in being a part of it. Revealing a little more about the film, according to her it addresses social issues that are relevant to our society, especially in todays age and since they are presented in a light hearted way the audience is able to enjoy it and understand the underlying message.

"It's not a brainless comedy and the audience will go back with a message that will aware them about such issues and touch their hearts."

Mehvish jokingly tells us that although she will be dancing in the movie but there is no item song for her as it has been pictured by Fahad Mustufa.

We wish her all the best for this one and hope to see her in a more roles in the future!