Five Things We’ve Learnt While Being Domestic During Lockdown

Five Things We’ve Learnt While Being Domestic During Lockdown
Never has there been a time when even the most basic domestic skills will help you survive during lockdown. Head on over to the H! Pakistan website to check out what domesticity has taught us during lockdown.


The fact that your mother taught you to be domestic in the first place is what you should be celebrating! Home skills are essential life skills and never has there been a time when your ‘domestic goddess’ level has been put in question. We found that learning home skills from a young age will ensure that you are up to the test. If you’ve always been domestic, now is your time to shine; and if you haven’t, well girls and boys, time to pull up your socks and begin!


If you live at home with your parents and they have sent the domestic help away because of quarantine requirements, it won’t be the cool things to do to be messy, not help with the chores, or not even cook something for yourself and clean up after. We know that being a brat is so 2019! We’re ready to give a medal to those ladies and gents who took the domestic challenge and won at it!



Those people who are running their own home will find that ‘organisation, organisation, organisation’ are the three magic words that we learnt to be the most crucial in handling everyday life at home, 24-hours a day! Organise your domestic help; organise your family and always discuss who’s doing what; organise the cleaning; organise the cooking; organise the week; organise your ‘work at home’ schedule; organise yourself.


A key learning: Don’t do things in a rush. You have the time to be slower than before, to savour the moment and to do anything you are doing, really well. If you’re baking a cake or cooking a salan, put on some music, handle the ingredients with care, clean up after yourself with utmost hygiene, and wait patiently for the cake to come out of the oven — or let that curry simmer gently. Slow is good!


Let some of the outside come inside or vice versa, in your everyday home routine. Make a bird-house or put out a platter for all those birds out there — you can leave stale bread or roti for them every day, as well as some water. If you have a pet, spend a little time with them sitting outside in the garden or balcony and enjoy your trees and plants. If you can get vegetable seeds, now is the time to begin your starter kitchen garden. If your maali has already planted one, spend some time working on it every day! If you have flowers in the garden, do a flower arrangement and bring it in.

Keep it simple and stay blessed!


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