Amir Khan: In My Culture It Is A Woman's Job To Cook and Do Household Chores

Amir Khan: In My Culture It Is A Woman's Job To Cook and Do Household Chores

Pakistani British Boxer Amir Khan recently made some sexist comments on BBC's reality TV show I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! and these statements are not only stirring a controversy but are quite astonishing. 

He spoke about house chores and why he would never touch a dishwasher. In conversation with another husband who said that he and his wife swap meal tasks when the other is working. Amir, on the other hand, responded with this gem: "I would never actually cook. In my culture, women, that's their job to do the cooking. They're best at cooking."

The 30-year-old clarified that once he comes home from work, it’s his wife’s job to cook for him.

He added,

"It’s a man’s job to actually do other jobs like the hard work, the hard labour jobs around the house.”

“Doing housework is harder,” the other man argued, “I would not get as tired on my job as I do when I work at home. Until you don’t do it for yourself, you won’t realise how hard that is.”

To which Amir replied, “I’ve got a dishwasher, washing machine, I’ve never actually known how to use these things. I would never touch those machinery, ever. You would turn into a woman. I’m a man. If I started dishwashing —”

To this, a woman interrupted him and asked, “If you use the machine, you would turn into a woman?”

Amir then said, “Yeah.”

Social media is abuzz over his response, and we mean that in a negative way!

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