Rapid Fire With Usman Mukhtar

Rapid Fire With Usman Mukhtar
Another actor, another round of rapid fire with HELLO! This time with  Usman Mukhtar


Three qualities you look for in a woman?

Great sense of humour, someone who likes cleanliness and a great conversationalist.

What do you like about Islamabad?

Just how green and clean it is. Honestly, whenever I go to other cities, I just want to come back to this serene city.

All-time favourite dialogue from a movie.

From movie called Watchmen. ‘I’m not locked up in here with you, you’re locked up here with me’ -Rorschach

The Social Media app you are addicted to?


Your style statement?

Mostly casual and luckily gym wear is in fashion, so by default I end up ‘trending’.

You splurge on?

Comic books, collector’s edition comic books, film memorabilia, DC merchandise

Plans for Valentine’s Day?

Nothing special. Will make it special for my mother and spend time with her

One thing that annoys you the most?

Bad drivers

Life’s mantra

Live and let live!


Who would you want to see next?

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