8 Things You Should Say To Yourself EveryDay!

8 Things You Should Say To Yourself EveryDay!

1. I am worthy of love.
It is important to remind yourself that you are capable of love and worthy of it. As humans, we often think we deserve the love we are receiving, but it is vital to understand that you deserve the absolute best only, so don't settle for less. 

2. I make the standards, not follow them.
Every society has its standards that people feel conformed to accepting and trying to achieve. However, it is not the goal and should never be anyone's ambition. Make your standards, and adhere to them. Don't let others tell you anything. 

3. You are the only one whose opinion counts.
Words can either make or break an individual, whether people admit it or not; it affects people a lot. Thus, it is essential to build a strong barrier in your brain against negative words and let in the positive ones only. Like a dam, but for the flow of messages, not water.

4. I am responsible for my happiness.
Happiness is not a permanent feeling, but it can be in our control sometimes. It is like a choice one makes every day unless there is any serious problem or clinical mental illness. Thus, make sure to remind yourself; that you can change the things that can be altered. 

5. It is okay to need help
We all are humans and need help in times of severe crisis or troubling mental health episodes. Please always tell yourself that it is okay to seek help from others, whether that is a professional therapist or a trusted friend. 

6. 10 qualities you love about yourself
Self-love is really important, so make a list every day about the qualities you have that are lovable. You can include qualities you want to work on, but highlighting the positives will bring you to a better position towards loving yourself. Working on the qualities that hinder your self-love process can also present as a gateway towards instilling more love and growth in your personality.

7. I can make mistakes
Mistakes are the work of humans, so embrace them and let them do their job. The principal factor in making mistakes is learning from them and making sure they aren't repeated. This is why every time you make a mistake, take a breath and analyze the situation rather than being upset and regretful. 

8. I will make decisions that benefit me.
Making decisions about everything is a crucial aspect of growth. Thus, it is necessary to make choices that benefit you, not act as a destructive element in your life. This notion applies to all parts of your life; personal, professional, and family as well. 

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