5 Things You Should Do When You Are In Love

5 Things You Should Do When You Are In Love

Nothing in this life ever comes easy, probably we all are somehow grinding in the rice mill and the pretty “Faults in our stars” are not going away.

The best feeling in this world is “falling in love” and knowing that somebody is there to catch you regardless of what weight you have. Falling and that too for the right person, (which seems impossible in this age of swift relationships) is a hard pill to swallow. You either date to get married or you date to get hurt. There is no in-between. However, if you have found the “soul-mate” or the cute “twin-flame”, you may find this article interesting.

Love is overwhelming, elusive, and explosive at times. But with the right frame of mind, it can be dealt like a pro.

There are 5 things you should do when you are in love.

1: Say No To Social Media:

Be careful what you post. Not everybody should know about your business. “Privacy is the key”. The mature you behave the better relationships you make. Keep that “fling” away from social media until it meets the “legit” and “legal” desire end. Don’t beat the drums until it’s about time.


2: Excess of Virtue is a Vice:

Be naughty, playful, and fun. But keep the element of “respecting each other’s boundaries” aligned. I know it is a lot easier said than done. But here let’s crack the code and dig deeper. The genuine and purer the intention, the easier it gets from the cosmic calls. Anything your conscience disapproves of, can never be right. Hold onto your young spirit and let that bud take its natural time to blossom. Keep it real and platonic.


3: Be Articulate and Upfront:

Don’t be afraid of confrontation. Be honest and truthful. The more you express yourself to your partner, the better understanding you have. Communication is the seed that gives out fruits forever. Talk it out. Keep your partner in check and call out on his/her sh*t when you have to. Give them your “ideas, dreams, mind, and thoughts” before you give them your body.



4: Do Cheap Thrills:

Stop kicking out fancy hotels/cafes and restaurants. Be at ease, save up for the future. You can still enjoy together by having “local gol gappy” and chit-chatting “on a Paan Shop”. Remember you can romanticize anything without being materialistic and expensive. Before running, believe in the “crawl”. And also listen to the track ‘Modern Loneliness’ by Lauv so to know; “You give what you get, and you get what you give”.


5: Delight and Not Torture:

Give your partner good airspace to breathe. Let him/her grow, evolve, and explore and be by his/her own self at least for a while. Your partner should feel “whole” even without you. Love should be a tonic of happiness and not about wanting a thing that will “destroy me in the end” as said by Sylvia Plath.


The rest of us can wait for the right love like you and me. Let it find us before we find it.