Five Things To Do To Keep Yourself Occupied During Isolation

Five Things To Do To Keep Yourself Occupied During Isolation
Here are five things you can do to keep yourself busy while in quarantine

  1. BOARDGAMES/ DECK OF CARDS- Ludo, Sequence, Risk, Four-In-A-Row, Monopoly and even Jenga are great investments to keep yourself and the kids busy while they’re home. If you prefer games that are more intellectually engaging, you can download trivia games online. There’s such a wide variety to choose from (quizzes as well as apps). Games like scrabble are educational and enjoyed by the whole family.

  2. BOOKS AND READING MATERIAL- Now that you have the time, you might as well catch up on reading the books you’ve been wanting to read. If you like discussing literature or articles you’ve read with fellow peers, join an online book club or create your own via Skype or Facebook.

  3.  SEEDS- Grow plants in your home (they act as natural air purifiers), or in your garden. If you don’t know how to grow tomatoes or potatoes, now is your chance to learn! We don’t know how long this quarantine period will last (hopefully not too long) but we can certainly learn some life skills while we’re here!

  4.  MATERIALS FOR A NEW HOBBY- People are taking up all kinds of interesting hobbies to keep themselves busy at this time. Think about what you’d like to explore, pick up the required tools or ingredients and give it a shot! You have nothing to lose. Here are some ideas for hobbies: baking/ candle making/ soap-making/ puzzles/ knitting/ sewing/ gardening/ painting/ writing/ studying a new subject/ learning to play a new instrument or a new language through online apps – the list is endless!

  5.  MUSIC FOR YOUR PHONE – unless you can download it for free- which would be even better! Organize your music into playlists for different parts of the day (for example one for morning workouts, one for meal time preparation, tea-time in the garden etc.) Music is known to increase wellbeing and joy. According to studies conducted by psychologists Bradt & Dileo, music was proven to reduce heart rates, blood pressure and anxiety in patients. So listen to music, keep your worries at bay and take this time to enjoy being at home! Your heart and mind will thank you.

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