Dynamic Duo Behind Revelations Events Ali and Hira Talk To HELLO! About Planning The Perfect Party

Dynamic Duo Behind Revelations Events Ali and Hira Talk To HELLO! About Planning The Perfect Party

 Ali and Hira of 'Revelations Events' speak exclusively to HELLO! about what makes them tick and how they plan the perfect event for every client!

Tell us a little about yourselves and the journey of Revelations Events.

Well it all started eleven years ago when I began helping my friends in conducting their birthdays amongst other events such as arranging kids birthday parties. I was then able to broaden and extend my event planning amongst more and more people around Islamabad until Revelations came into being a well oiled machine! Then around about six years ago when we got married Ali joined me in my journey of event management and the company began flourishing even more with his sense of ambition and his encouraging nature. Without his knowledge and unique skills we would not be where we are today with Revelations.

You both are wedding and birthday planners, event stylists and even photographers. Talk us through how you found your way into these roles. 

Event planning, whether its a wedding or a birthday requires a similar tactic. Especially regarding Pakistani society where birthdays are more or less as big as events as weddings. And just as exciting. This equipped us to pick up different skills to bring it altogether and offer a full package to our customers.Ali began showing an interest in photography and we decided to then invest in camera gear. This gave us an edge as we're able to offer clients the whole package that an event requires by yours truly.

What is the most important step in the creative process for designing events?

Our first priority is understanding the client's ideal event and bringing that to life. While also maintaining recent popular trends. The communication we have with our clients is crucial, so there are lengthy meetings that take place. Once our main theme is decided, we bring it to our graphic designer and begin working on the decor and technicalities.

Do you prefer to plan enormous bashes or intimate parties? Why?

Personally we prefer intimate parties. This is because of the uniqueness of the event to each individual its for. Each individual intimate party has a unique place in the clients heart and allows us to personalise and customise the event to their liking. With that being said though, the recent trends are luxurious, upscale events and we do enjoy bringing those to life, as it also allows us to push our creative boundaries to the max. 

What does a typical work day look like for you? 

While I start my day with a steaming cup of coffee, Ali starts his with a smoke then its off to work we go!First we send off all the required decor and equipment from our work station to the venue. The day goes by in a flash as boxes of decor are unloaded and we begin setting up the premises. Before we know it, hours have gone by, tables have been organised, backdrops have been hung, flowers are placed perfectly and we are just adding the finishing touches before the client arrives to the scene. 

Tell us about the most memorable event you've had to organise? Needless to say all our events are so dear to us, but the one that often finds its way back to our hearts was our Safari themed, "Wild One" birthday that took place in the cold month of December. A lavish event for over two hundred guests at the enormous Orchard farm. The venue was so huge that we began setting up a whole day prior to the event date. An array of over a hundred, three foot balloons set up across the whole venue starting from the entrance all the way to their pool. The kids were also able to take pictures and interact with brilliant, lively parrots, and enjoy our whole range of birthday activities all in one event!

What is the most challenging part of planning events? 

By far the most challenging and ironically our favourite part is conceptualising what the client wants and making it a reality. The process of bringing a dream into its physical form is a tough one but one we tackle with thrill to ensure our clients' satisfaction.

How do you think the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the events industry and your business specially?

As with the rest of the world Covid has greatly impacted the event industry. This has resulted in a great loss of bigger, lavish events for both Revelations and other event management companies.However its allowed us to maintain better planning and assisted us in smarter financial planning and quick responses to any drawbacks that may occur.The pandemic has also resulted in a new trend of intimate, smaller weddings which is a silver lining for us because we enjoy organising intimate set ups for our clients.

What makes Revelations Events different from other event planning businesses? 

We have a unique relationship with our clients and build trust with them in order to have a smoothly running event. It is not the technicalities of the function but the customer service that our clients come back for and the trust we have built with them. We maintain full responsibility and ensure our clients can rest at ease with their event in our hands.

What advice would you give to somebody else who wanted to start a similar business?

Like any entrepreneur, the job is a strenuous one and requires one to invest themselves into it completely. This includes the mental, the physical and the financial. Be prepared to face and resolve setbacks, and maintain resilience in your work attitude. Invest your time in letting your creative juices flow and remember to reap the benefits of your labour.

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