Four Ways Coronavirus Has Brought the World Together

Four Ways Coronavirus Has Brought the World Together
The world is at war against a pandemic as cases of coronavirus continue to soar, leaving an air of restlessness and fear. What’s the silver lining we ask? Here are four ways coronavirus has gone beyond borders to bring the world together, both nationally and internationally. 

1. Spontaneous Concerts

Italians bursting into songs from the balconies of their homes, Spanish policemen performing to cheer a neighborhood, and Pakistanis singing their anthem on a national holiday — the world collectively found an escape from problems through music. On Social Media across the world famous singers, performers and artists are organising virtual concerts — live sessions on Instagram is the place to be. In fact, the app has become no less than a live music streaming portal as evening approaches! Imagine getting a chance to listen to Strings, Ali Sethi and other bands perform live once every few days from the comfort of your home!

2. Newfound Respect for All Occupations 

The world has come to a temporary standstill with millions keeping themselves safe in lockdown. Yet every day, some brave people continue to show up every day for work so that life doesn’t come to a halt for the majority. Tireless dedication and the altruism of doctors, medical workers, police, and journalists has been recognised. There is also a new-found appreciation for several undervalued occupations in society, including chemists, cashiers, fruit/vegetable vendors and truck drivers. 

3. Reconnecting with Friends and Family

As we stay locked away in our homes, many of us have taken this time to rekindle bonds and build rapport with people we care about. We are physically socially-distanced, yet close. 

4. The Entertainment and Fashion Industry Play Their Part 

Navigating through their sense of social responsibility and finding the chance to give back to the community, prominent celebrities and fashion houses have pledged billions in relief support for this pandemic. This also includes local businesses who have supported the victims of the pandemic through financial aid and critical medical supplies. 


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