Ali Azmat And QB Putting Rock Back in Rockstars!

Ali Azmat And QB Putting Rock Back in Rockstars!
In the ever-changing entertainment sphere, a platform that deserves to be genuinely highlighted for bringing about the revival of pop rock scene in Pakistan is Cornetto Pop Rock. The grand platform that serves as a tool for both giving leading and emerging Pakistani artists a stage to both display their talent and revitalise a culture that had evaporated over the years.

After bringing about two pop numbers Yeh Kya Huwa and Turn up the Music Mr. DJ by Komal Rizvi and Qurram Hussain, Cornetto Pop Rock Season 2 reveals yet another soulful track by Ali Azmat and Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch titled Chal Diye. The music video epitomises what the platform truly stands for; from the lyrics of the song to the music and the direction of the video; every element manages to garner the attention of youth that can easily relate to it.

The video features a young couple enjoying each passing moment in each other's company - young and carefree while on the flipside, Ali Azmat and QB are performing on stage for a young audience, that in reality cannot help but bob their heads and groove along to the catchy beat.

As the singer, QB explains it herself, the song can be safely described as a dreamer's song that calls out to all those are not happy where they are in life and tells them to move along, drop everything and follow what they are truly passionate about. An inspiration for the ever ambitious youth, this song can easily be the next anthem for the youth.

Ali Azmat further adds,

‘The song is meant to be an inspiration to youngsters to pursue their dreams and by giving the opportunity to work on this song to so many young people, Cornetto Pop Rock 2 is definitely helping young artists to do what they want to do in life.’

The lyrics for the song has been penned by Omran Shafique and the video is directed by Sonny Koh along with Ammar-ul-Haq and styling has been done by the talented Ifrah Humayun and seasoned stylist Ehtesham Ansari.

Cornetto Pop Rock  aims to revive pop and rock culture among the youth of Pakistan by arranging music concerts in Pakistan’s biggest cities plans on releasing six music videos.

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