'Turn Up The Music Mr DJ' Is The Youth Anthem That You Need To Listen To!

'Turn Up The Music Mr DJ' Is The Youth Anthem That You Need To Listen To!
Josh band member Qurram Hussain returns to Cornetto Pop Rock Season 2 with his latest upbeat track, Turn up the Music, Mr.Dj. The video features Ayesha Omar and famed dance choreographer Hasan Rizvi in a song that will make you get off your seat and get your groove on instantly!

The video unveils a story of a young couple (Ayesha Omar and Hasan Rizvi) who have an argument and in an attempt to fix this, their mutual friend Qurram breaks into a song that later brings them together.  The song is a reminiscent of those good ol' days where having a good time with friends was all that mattered for those who are currently so engrossed with their monotonous adult life; the song also ties in perfectly with the energetic youth of today, getting them to dance along to the cheerful tunes the song has to offer.

Turn up the Music Mr. DJ's video is as colourful and vibrant as the music itself. You see the Bul Bulay actor Ayesha Omar and Hasan Rizvi along with Qurram having a great time shaking a leg along with an ensemble dance team. The lyrics are catchy, the music is upbeat and just what you are looking for when having some fun!

What went behind making of the video seems just as fun as the result of it, here are some pictures that prove so,


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Qurram hopes his latest offering will be just as appreciated as his duet Desan Da Raj (Suni Kuri) with Komal Rizvi, which won the Google Award for being fourth most watched video in Pakistan on YouTube.

The grand platform that aims to revive pop and rock culture among the youth of Pakistan by arranging music concerts in Pakistan's biggest cities plans on releasing six music videos.

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