Bollywood Star Vinod Khanna Had Roots in Peshawar

Bollywood Star Vinod Khanna Had Roots in Peshawar

Legendary Bollywood icon, Vinod Khanna, who passed away on Thursday aged 70 in Mumbai after protracted illness had roots that traced back to Peshawar.

“Vinod Khanna was the son of Mehr Chand Khanna, a prominent businessman and former minister from Congress Party. He was born in Peshawar on Oct 6, 1946 at Sardar area in the Cantonment’s jurisdiction,” according to a known film historian, Mohammad Ibrahim Zia.

Additionally, Mr Zia said that he had met the star in 2014 during a visit to India,

“During the visit, we had a meeting with Vinod Khanna in New Delhi, who was very happy over reunion with people of his birthplace (Peshawar).”

He said that his father Mehr Chand Khanna was a well reputed business man in Peshawar who migrated to India in 1947. At the time of migration, Vinod Khanna was a mere infant but had immense love for the city of his birth.

Mr Zia recalled that in late 1990s during an event held in Dubai, Vinod Khanna had announced proudly that he was a Peshawari.

He added that the ancestral home of Vinod Khanna is now used by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chapter of All Pakistan Women’s Association.

Moreover, during the meeting Zia recalled presenting Vinod Khanna with gifts including Peshawari Chappal and traditional dress which he happily accepted. He was also gave Vinod Khanna a copy of his book, Peshawar Kay Funkar (The Artists of Peshawar).