Get the Islamabad Look!

Get the Islamabad Look!

Want to look like a typical Isloo gal? Here's your go-to guide! 

Step 1) Dye your long hair blonde (or get extensions)

Step 2) Paint your nails red after your weekly manicure and pedicure

Step 3) Dress yourself in the latest fashion (tulip pants, shalwars, cigarette pants, lawn shirts, Louboutins or if you’re like me then just throw on your brothers T-shirt and squeeze into a pair of jeans )

Step 4) Carry a ridiculously expensive designer hand bag

Step 5) Invest in an iPhone

Step 6) Get your driver to chauffeur you around town, while you sit in the back seat, scrolling down your Instagram, whining about the hot weather

Step 7) Get an attitude!