Fur Shoes

Fur Shoes
A fashion trendthat is big on comfort and makes you look good are the fur slides that have become a big deal. With every high end brand and mediocre brand making them they’re seen everywhere. The fur slides were first introduced when Rihana and Puma collaborated and came out with their collection. Since then they’ve been what everyone wants to wear.

The Fenty Puma slides set the trend and brands like Zara, Primark and more followed. The best thing about these slides is you can walk a marathon in them because at the end of the day they are slides (home slippers) but they still make you look put together.

Fur slides is not the only fur shoe trend that came, But Gucci also introduced mules with fur sole. For winters and countries with better weather conditions the Gucci mules are a hit. But in a city like Karachi with its weather, the Gucci mules with fur sole is a complete miss.

Fur slides, or fur sole shoes this trend is here to stay and we couldn’t be happier.

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