Asim Jofa Showcases The Beauty of Pakistan In His Latest Collection ‘Shehr-E-Yaar’

Asim Jofa Showcases The Beauty of Pakistan In His Latest Collection ‘Shehr-E-Yaar’

Pakistan is known for many things, including culture, heritage, archeological wonders, large cities, awe-provoking greenery, and much more but the true beauty of the country lies within its serene landscapes, destinations, and the people who inhabit it. There are places in the north that once visited appear to be beyond a beholder’s wildest imagination. Some have even referred to parts of Pakistan as heaven on earth and rightfully so. With plush forests, valleys, streams, mountain ranges, and mystifying scenes, there’s no denying that our nation is full of effervescent beauty and it has some of the best scenery in the world.

 Hence, leading designer Asim Jofa opted to enliven that magic through his latest luxury lawn collection ‘Shehr-E-Yaar’. The title directly translates to ‘Land of the Beloved’. The story unfolds as Shahzad is shown searching & is drawn towards the land of his beloved Kinza in the shown BTS till now. It’s a promising glimpse of the tale which is yet to continue. The maestro chose these locations to guide viewers into reimagining the way they see their country and witness it from a new lens. Thus, the BTS in this campaign is specifically designated to these locations. As a creative visionary who always caters to a wide audience, he celebrates his country by putting his best foot forward for inclusivity and makes efforts towards an all-encompassing society in general. By showcasing some of the most glorious locations across the country he contributes to creating space for people from several diverse communities. 

Shot in Skardu, Shangrila, and Katpana Desert, the fashion film mesmerizes in every way. In traditional Asim Jofa style, he chose the top models who would be the best fit for the occasion. Kinza Hashmi and Shahzad Noor bring out the scenic backdrop all the more as the enchanting locations are right out of a fairytale. In recent posts, the designer has already put forth some of the BTS clips where the first location is the beautiful Shigar Valley and a resident narrates some historical facts about the location. The following clip was in Shangrila Resort and then Katpana Desert. The fourth location was the majestic Manthoka Waterfall which was located 80km away from downtown Skardu.  Each scene tells a story, a story of the land how it was, how it is, and how it’s going to be and that’s what makes this campaign amongst the most awe-inspiring of everything the designer has ever done. 

Asim Jofa pushes the envelope by highlighting the best of Pakistan for everyone to see. ‘Shehr-E-Yaar’ is truly the collection to look out for and this time not just for marvelous designs alone. 

If you want to know more about Asim Jofa’s collection ‘Shehr-E-Yaar’ check out his Instagram page: @asimjofa

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