The Luxury Lawn Collection By Asim Jofa Will Leave You Wanting More

The Luxury Lawn Collection By Asim Jofa Will Leave You Wanting More
This season is all about letting your true personality shine bright through the perfect display of colours. Amongst the sea of collections, the luxury lawn collection by Asim Jofa is unequivocally fabulous. 

Playing with celebrated eastern detailing techniques that use a consolidation of dexterities from all around Pakistan, every piece is an anecdote of originality in itself. This collection solely has generated designs that have been rooted from precious patterns. They not only reverberate ethnicity but also pay homage to our heritage, which makes this collection so much more than just clothes.

It carries the essence of our culture that was passed down from our ancestors. Spouts of beautiful Kashmiri and Balochi detailing proficiencies run vibrantly through some designs to truly celebrate the diversity of our nation and workmanship. Treasurable needle and thread work is emphasized in this collection that actually comprises of a single chain stitch to bring out the refinement of expertise. Ranging from a variety of options that include a splendid display of both formal and casual luxury selections, this collection sincerely caters to all tastes and events you have this season.

The mixture of pure fabrics that are encased in this collection from silks to jacquards, chiffon and organza are simply breathtaking. Techniques like baroque patterning and pearl itemizing are encrusted to underline the quintessence of talent in the collection. Archetypal color combinations like black/white and black/gold are depicted in the most authentic manner in the embroideries for certain pieces. From filigree to zari thread work, countless aptitudes have been coupled in a single ensemble that faithfully seizes the brilliance that has been produced by Asim Jofa.

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