'Golden Ticket' Got Its First International Official Selection At The #Cefalufilmfestival2018

'Golden Ticket' Got Its First International Official Selection At The #Cefalufilmfestival2018
Golden Ticket directed & written by Saira Mansoor was nominated at the Asia Peace Film Festival & Get official selection for Cefalu Film Festival, Italy.

The short film Golden Ticket is shot in Italy with people from different countries and recently screened on 25th February in Asia peace Film Festival - Karachi Edition and it will be screened on 1st of May the Cefalu film Festival 2018, Italy. The film encircles the importance of belief. This is eternal relation of the Creator and his creation. The visual story uses a metaphorical character that represents opportunity. He meets different people and gives them their golden ticket. It shows how having faith can get you opportunities anytime, anywhere. It’s just; you have to be ready for it when it comes.

"This is Called Believe Golden Ticket got its first nomination for Short films category, at “Cefalù Film Festival - Pino Scicolone 2018”, Italy. I am speechless, and humbled. As my first film, it means so much to me and this is a moment where I should be the most eloquent as a Director & writer and yet I'm struggling to put this into new direction. Also I want to highlight the recent screening; the film was screened in Asia Peace Film Festival – Karachi Edition 2018,"  said Saira Mansoor.

She further added,

"This film formulates a very optimistic lesson based on real life events. This film depicts the story of daily life for the people who have no motivation in their lives. I tried to convey a message about hope, believe in very fine way to build their will power. I used Symbol (God) [as we believe God is everywhere] walking in the streets with the pride of believes. Who helps all people it doesn’t matter you are poor or rich, you all are equal, the story is about believe how strong you are. You can get anything any time ‘Just Believe’."