Arshad Khan's Latest Music Video 'Teri Bayparwaee'

Arshad Khan's Latest Music Video 'Teri Bayparwaee'

Arshad Khan more popularly referred to as 'chaiwala' has become quite a favourite amongst musicians in Pakistan since his photograph went viral a few months ago. 

Recently, chaiwala has been brewing more than just a cup of tea, after starring in the track Chaiwala by Lil Mafia Mundeer, Arshad is set to appear in another music video.

This time, he has been approached by a singer/actor Muskan Jay, who has taken him on board for her latest upcoming single, Teri Bayparwaee.

The singer has many videos under her belt. Her career traces back to 2003 with her first music track being Zara Thumka Laga followed by Gudi Ishq Di. She is also set to appear in a Bollywood flick Just MMS that is yet to release.

The upcoming track starring chaiwala Teri Bayparwaee has been shot in Margala Hills and will air next month. The song's hook is reminiscent of Noor Jehan’s song Teri Bayparwaee.

Though some people were quick to spread rumours about the two, Khan cleared it out by explaining that the pictures where the two are seen close to each other enjoying a cup of tea were actually taken during the shoot of a video on which he is collaborating with her.

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