Seven Easy Tips to Make Your Skin Glow in Summer

Seven Easy Tips to Make Your Skin Glow in Summer
Summers tend to get extremely hot and humid in Pakistan. The harsh weather dehydrates the skin and body, causing multiple skin and hair problems. It becomes difficult to maintain the glow and radiance of your face if you have to go out in the heat. The sweat tends to clog the pores, making your skin look dull and greasy.

People with a problematic T-zone, experience the most nuisance during summer as their skin starts to get extremely oily in hot and sultry weather. But fret not, as there are many things that you can do to take care of your skin at home to preserve its youthfulness and radiant glow even in the harshest of weathers. Here are 7 effective and easy tips through which you can achieve beautiful glowing skin in summers.

  1. The Right Skincare Regime

Every morning wash your face with a good cleansing gel or face wash. Never use soap as it contains caustic soda that is bad for your skin. You can choose from the Garnier Face Wash range that caters to all skin concerns for both men and women. It is very important that you invest in a suitable and effective summer skincare regimen for morning and night every day. When you are in your late 20s and you haven't been eating right or taking care of yourself well, your skin will start to lose its glow, elasticity and suppleness. It is necessary to follow a strict beauty care routine for the summer season and only use authentic, tried and tested products that have known to cause no harm to the skin. You can even follow home remedies for skin and hair as most of them are highly effective and safe.

  1. Stay Hydrated & Moisturized

Since summer makes you sweat and lose water and electrolytes from the body, it is important to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water daily can greatly impact the way your skin looks. A well-hydrated body will have a plumped up, clear and glowing skin. A common misconception is that since you sweat a lot in summers, you don't need to moisturize your skin. This is wrong and just brutal to your poor skin. The more you sweat, the more your skin needs pampering. Invest in a skin type-appropriate moisturizer that you can use in summer every time you wash your face. Keep a glass spray bottle filled with a mixture of rose water, cucumber juice and herb-infused water by your side or at your workplace. Spritz this refreshing mixture onto your makeup-free face whenever the need be and then let your face air dry to keep your skin hydrated and glowing throughout the day. This also shrinks the pores and brightens the complexion. You can also drink several healthy summer-friendly herbal teas that are known to enhance the skin's ability to rejuvenate itself and enhance its texture.

  1. Eat Healthy & Balanced Food

Your diet is extremely important when it comes to your physical and mental health. Your skin is a pure reflection of how your internal body is performing. Great looking skin is indicative of healthy internal organs that are optimally doing their work. The moment you have any internal ailment, it will first start to show on your skin. So it is very necessary that you make sure to eat the right food and follow a balanced diet plan that fulfils your daily requirement of all essential nutrients such as vitamins, fats, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fibre etc. Eat lean meats, seasonal fruits, all vegetables, beans and legumes. Drink fruit juices with the pulp or delicious fruit, veggie and low-fat yoghurt smoothies. They bring a healthy glow to your face during the summer season. Throw away all the junk food that you have been stocking up to devour during those sleepless nights binge-watching your favourite tv shows, which brings us to the next point.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Summer holidays bring a lot of opportunities for you to spend your time doing what you love to do. Since daytime tends to be extremely hot, friends and families usually gather up at night when it is cooler and much more pleasant. Movie nights, late-night BBQs and fun evenings out involve staying up late especially if you have friends over for a movie night or a binge-watch party. While it is ok to indulge in such activities sometimes, it is really harmful to your skin if you make a habit of staying up late at night and sleeping during the day. Your skin and body heals and repairs itself during the night and if you don't get enough sleep, it will deteriorate way before you reach your old age. Not getting enough sleep makes your skin dull. dry and saggy. So make sure to get a good 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted night's sleep to make your skin and eyes look rested and beautiful in the morning.

  1. Exercise & Meditate

Meditation, exercise and walk greatly help in bringing that beautiful glow to your face. These healthy activities boost blood circulation to every part of the body, making your face look fresh, glowy and radiant. No matter what exercise routine you follow, the idea is to stay moving and active even if you workout for 3 days a week only. Go out for a walk or a jog every day to help your body get rid of bacteria and toxins. The summer heat will help you sweat more, making you get rid of harmful toxins from the body through perspiration. It also helps prevent joint pains and keeps your blood well circulated in the entire body. You will also notice less puffiness on your face if you stay active as it helps with getting the body rid of water retention.


  1. Detox Your Body

The amount of junk we normally eat does nothing good for our bodies. The fast-food and frozen food culture has wreaked havoc on our health and skin. People find it much more convenient to eat ready-made or fast food since cooking gets very difficult for most during summers as the kitchen can become oven hot. So they look for quick fixes and junk food to curb the cravings. Deep-fried and spicy foods tend to accumulate toxins in your system, giving rise to multiple issues like inflammation, indigestion, bloating, obesity, wrinkles and overly dry/oily skin. Regularly detoxifying your body can do wonders to your skin and make it look well cleansed and glowing from within. Congested colon and toxic liver lead to dark under-eye circles and a dull and dried out face. Detoxifying your liver and colon can help immensely in accelerating the skin's healing mechanism. Detoxifying also enhances your immune system, getting your body rid of multiple ailments.

  1. Wear Sunscreen & Use the Right Makeup

During summers, the harmful rays of the sun intensify, making it even more difficult to protect your skin from losing its youthful glow. Make sure to always wear sunscreen whenever you step outside in the sun especially during summers. It is also important that you use the right kind of makeup products if you wear any, that are appropriate for the summer season. What worked for you during winters won't work in summers so always buy season-appropriate cosmetics from an authentic brand or seller. Remember to wear as less makeup as you can during summer so to help your skin breathe or the sweat will mix with your makeup and clog your pores, resulting in an acne breakout or enlarged pores.

While some may like to use various expensive skin treatments in the quest of achieving flawless and glowing skin during the summer season, we recommend that you first introduce these changes to your everyday lifestyle and skincare regime. If that doesn't work for you, then you can think of more invasive treatments that may involve a lot of money, hard work and frequent trips to the skin clinic. Just bringing a few changes into your life can do wonders to your mind, heart and body, giving your skin a healthy glow that is sure to turn heads of the onlookers.

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