Yoga Goddess-Kehkashan Nadeem Brings Aerial Yoga to Pakistan

Yoga Goddess-Kehkashan Nadeem Brings Aerial Yoga to Pakistan
The newest craze having become a rage overnight among celebrities and yoga-enthusiasts alike world over, is the antigravity Aerial Yoga leaving even the sensational Bikram Yoga behind in the recent times.

If you’re finding your usual fitness regimen boring by now, Aerial Yoga might just be what you should dedicate your workout time to here on!

This form of yoga was devised by a dancer and a former gymnast Christopher Harrison. It enables you to stretch and at the same time, strengthen without over-straining your joints and compressing your bones. The key component of Aerial Yoga is the hammock, which works as the support system. With the help of the hammock, you are able to turn upside down and hang suspended in the air.

The yoga goddess who has brought this unique and invigorating form of workout to Pakistan is Kehkashan Nadeem. Let’s hear it from her as to what got her hooked to it to the point of teaching it ever so-dedicatedly being the one-and-only instructor specialising in Aerial Yoga in the nation at present:

“My journey of yoga began after my second cesarean baby when I started looking for a fitness method that would heal and help in my weight loss goals. I was lucky to have found only one such place back in 1999. Seeing my interest and commitment in class my teacher insisted me to join Teacher Training course but I had no intention to become a yoga teacher. Naturally the study, benefits and self-transformation drove me towards teaching and I was able to share and heal others through this medium.

In further quest of learning yoga styles I started going abroad and continued advancing my knowledge & command over various styles of yoga. My recent research a little above a year ago took me to Thailand for Aerial (ULU YOGA) TT course. To my surprise aerial fell far above my expectations and truly opened a new door in my life and others. With all my previous experience in yoga teaching technically I was able to conduct a great aerial class from the beginning that became so popular that my teacher invited me to teach for Teacher Training course in Thailand where I conducted three courses back to back and played my part to make new teachers. I feel so blessed that my teachings are now reaching out globally.

My style of yoga sequencing derives from many styles of yoga TT that I have attended in the past 17 years apart from my regular self-practice – a unique combination of both ancient and modern scientific techniques to explore our hidden potential and unleash what goodness and powers we already possess within us!

We practice to understand all the dimensions of the mind, body and soul in multifold and how wonderfully it’s integrated. The deeper we go, the more we get to explore and understand and the beautiful journey of transformation just goes on...

My practice is based on incorporating breathing techniques, developing the upper body strength, focusing on flexion/extension, working on hip flexors, rotational & dynamic movements of the joints, and overall building/balancing our bodies & minds to restore our organic health through the marvels of yoga. Passionate teaching allows me to share my true joy of living in harmony!”

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