Fahmeen Ansari: Model Of The Moment

Fahmeen Ansari: Model Of The Moment
Throwback to March, when we had half an hour with the beautiful and talented Fahmeen Ansari:

When was the very first time you got on the ramp and for whom?

My first fashion showcase was Fashion Pakistan Week, 2017.

One piece of advice you would give to aspiring models?
All senior models are very cooperative I really respect all of them equally and I hope they will always remain the same.

What projects are you currently working on?
I’m working on several projects with designers including Sana Safinaz, Shehla Chatoor, PFDC, FPW and Nida Azwer.

What would you be if you were not a model?
I always wanted to be a lawyer -- can’t bear wrongdoings and injustice.

What’s your schedule like these days?
Work, work, work, work. work.

How many people liked your most recent Instagram post?
My most recent Social Media post was liked by a 156 people.

Who is your style icon?
Lady Diana, the Princess of Wales and the Queen of Hearts!

What trend will you never get tired of?
Open hair and jeans.

What trend do you wish will never come back?
Very tight curls at weddings -- I wish this look to never come back again.

What accessory will you not leave home without?
My handbag.

What is your favourite memory from your childhood?
I was a very good class bunker in my childhood, specially my Urdu period.

What is the best piece of advice your mother has given you?
Try to keep quiet since words can never be taken back.

What’s the last internet video that made you laugh?
A mouse running after a cat and that reminded me of Tom and Jerry.

Do you have any pet names for your kids?
No, I don’t have any pet names for my kids but I usually call them my baby, my jaanoo. Their names are Alisha and Azlan.

What is the best fashion secret you have ever learnt?
Try to be confident in whatever you are wearing, confidence is the main key and secret for every fashion success.

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