Terrifying Death of the Donkey Due to Force-fed Of Acid 

Terrifying Death of the Donkey Due to Force-fed Of Acid 

Written by: Abdur Rehman Khan

A Donkey was rescued after a horrifying act of brutality, a gang force-fed the acid to the donkey and after that, it was rescued and was taken under for treatment and observation immediately. His entire body from the insides, his intestines, his lungs, his throat, and his mouth all burnt, blistered and set aflame from the inside out. Silent tears fell from his eyes and his expression was one of frozen fear.


In revenge towards the owner of the donkey, allegedly, the gang had committed this Jeffrey Dahmer-esque act and which is very common. The intestines and kidneys of the donkey started rotting from the acid because there was no ultrasound for the larger animal in Pakistan; there was no way of knowing the amount of damage caused. 

To open the mouth of a donkey, takes a lot of manpower and feeding acid to it was not just a one-man job. This was premeditated. 

A gang of 2-3 men forced down an acid to a donkey’s throat as a source of fun. The death of the donkey was announced on Twitter that the ‘Bear’ which was the name of the donkey died after fighting from acid burns. He survived a little over a week and he was bearing the pain of the acid for almost two weeks. No animal deserves to bear the brunt of humans dealing with human issues, especially something as stupid as revenge which caused the death of ‘Bear’.

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