Dr Jawad of 'Saving Face' Launches R5 Foundation For Acid Attack Victims

Dr Jawad of 'Saving Face' Launches R5 Foundation For Acid Attack Victims
Dr Mohammad Jawad, popularly known for starring in Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy's Oscar-winning documentary Saving Face, recently launched his foundation for acid attack victims called R5 Foundation in Karachi.

Acid attacks are rife in Pakistan with about 150 victims of acid attacks reported each year in Pakistan, according to the charity Acid Survivors Foundation —albeit the true figure is likely to be much higher. It’s a form of violence that has spread across the globe from Uganda to Cambodia, and the victims are usually women and children. Learning this, the British surgeon began travelling to Pakistan every three months and holding free of cost sessions to perform this transformative surgery.

Speaking to H! Pakistan the renowned surgeon said, "The R5 Foundation aims to combine two things: one is to help pit acid-burn victims, to perform life-changing surgery to restore their skin and second to help the elderly, crippled by ageing joints."

He explained, " Our primary aim is to give hope to those have lost it completely. The foundation is dedicated to reviving the lives of those who have victims of acid attack. Women and children face this brutal form of torture on a regular basis in our country and we have taken it up as our responsibility to help restore hope in their lives."

"State-of-the-art stem cell regeneration technology is used at the clinic therefore, providing victims with the latest technology for the best possible results. Work has been going on for years but the launch was to bring it forward in the public eye so that people are aware of what's happening around them and encourage them to help out as well; to make a difference."

Moving back after 25 years to Pakistan, Dr Jawad expressed his feelings for his passion and skill,

"Plastic Surgery is a passion and craftsmanship, intellectually stimulating and very rewarding both professionally and monetarily."

When asked why he decided to move back to Pakistan, he said," for 25 years, I have been exploring, learning, acquiring skill, practicing and helping transform countless lives and finally, it was the right time to come home."

"The love and warmth of Karachi- the dust, the jam-packed traffic , the road rage and of course the food -  all of it was missing in London. It just was not challenging for me anymore."

"Pakistan in an expanding and emerging  market for our services and we have brought evidenced based affordable solution for all."

Filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy was also present to support Dr Jawad at the launch. The two-time Academy Award winner said, "The foundation is going to be a valuable asset for the country. I'm here to support Dr Jawad and his foundation to help acid attack victims, a promise he made when Saving Face won the Academy Award."