Romaisa Khan - Tik Tok On The Clock!

Romaisa Khan - Tik Tok On The Clock!

“I know so many people who have changed their life with TikTok,” - Romaisa Khan

Pulsing with positivity, wit and talent, Romaisa Khan is a go-getter. Once she sets her eye on the prize, she takes upon herself to achieve it and claims being ‘independent’ is one achievement that led to others. With over 3 million followers on TikTok, 1 million on Instagram. a YouTube with over 300k subscribers and videos with over 600k views .. Romaisa Khan is on her way to claim the whole wide digital world as her own. She started out with TikTok, a video-sharing app whose reception in Pakistan has been controversial since the start, but at the same time is shooting for the stars. The app now has an army of TikTok influencers or ‘TokTokers’ who stand with the app like a fortress, protecting it from threats of being banned.

Loved for her unique spin on comedy and creative content, Romaisa’s superb acting has also landed her television projects. Not many know that she is the daughter of famous comedian and actor, the late Tanveer Akhtar Khan, whom Romaisa cites as her role-model. Ridden in controversies, cheers from fans and content that clicks with her audiences, Romaisa Khan is on the stairway to success and nothing is stopping her. Read on as she talks about TikTok influencing, bans and more on her work….

An ice breaking question - tell us something about yourself? How would you define yourself as a person? 

I am very outgoing. My friends call me a social butterfly and claim I have a very bubbly personality. I like to keep a positive outlook on life and it's my energy that takes me places. I am also someone who doesn't like to depend on anyone. I would say I'm quite independent. Oh and another confession, I can be very forgetful.

As an influencer, who or what has influenced you greatly?

My greatest inspiration is my late father Tanveer Akhtar Khan, who was an amazing actor and an even better comedian. It is my dream to emulate him and carry our family name going forward in the industry.

You started off from TikTok, looking back how did you manage to amass such a big fan base?

Women performing comedy is still rare in Pakistan and we have few names only. I always wanted to pursue it. As a child, my favourite hobby was making skits and penning sketches. Today I feel it's my passion, expression and personality which has given me this stardom. You need to be bold and that had a huge part to play in me gaining such a loyal fan base.

What sort of content are you more inclined towards creating? 

I love to make people laugh. If my comedy can cheer someone up or uplift their mood on a bad day, my job is done. Comedy is definitely my strong point and TikTok gave me a platform for great expression.

What was your reaction to the TikTok ban in Pakistan? 

Disappointment is one word. I am a firm believer that banning is not the solution. They should regulate community guidelines and stamp down on the individual accounts who seem to ruin it for everyone else. I know so many people who have changed their life with TikTok so it's a big NO to banning it from me! Banning any platform which is a source of creativity for people at different levels is in bad taste.

Do you feel that the influencer badge comes with great responsibility? What is your opinion on ‘self-proclaimed’ influencers who are online only to seek validation? 

Influencing comes with great responsibility, I agree but not everyone is prepared to carry this burden. There are so many ‘self-proclaimed’ influencers who create nothing worthy for their audience and only use this platform for validation, you are right. Honestly, the audiences are now a better judge of who’s putting in actual hardwork in content creation and who is not. But we have a responsibility to convey the correct messages as public figures. If you have been given a great platform and we should all use it wisely!

What are some projects you are currently working on? 

Currently working on my first television drama called Masters. It is a rom-com and I play the lead role. It is doing pretty good! Alongside, I am working on some comedy skits for my YouTube channel.