Faiz sahib

Faiz sahib
The struggle of society against fascism and imperialism is on the track from centuries, whoever stood up for the betterment of society had to give up all of his life because evil always survives with its cruelty but never gets immortal. Some people create history and other are created by history but few leave scars in the society which remain in the heart and mind of people.

Faiz sahib, the man who forged a revolutionary change in the society and quivered unconscious people with his poetry, not only in south Asia but all over the world.

Faiz was born in 1911, in Sialkot. He was an influential pro socialist, radical and intellectual poet. He was raised in a family that was well known in the literary circle. He was brought up in a secular tradition of Islam, started his basic education in local mosque to be oriented to the religious education. While studying, he came under the influence of pro socialist, anti-fascist Progressive Writers Movement.

Faiz was a humanist, Marxist, a lyrical poet, whose popularity reached neighboring India and Soviet Union. Faiz's writings are comparatively new verse form in Urdu poetry based on Western models and he was very fond of Dr. Allama Iqbal and Mirza Ghalib , his writings not only gave Urdu literature new phase but even brought a revolutionary change in the society because he always wrote for the issues of society and gave voice to voiceless people . He firmly believed socialism is the only solution for the society and he continued his demand for socialism through Urdu poetry in a peaceful and non-violent manner.

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