Exotic smells and beautiful girls, the new TVC from Lux is every girl's dream!

Exotic smells and beautiful girls, the new TVC from Lux is every girl's dream!
Since the time that the Lux girls were announced, we'd been expecting to see them share a screen together in a TVC or a short film. And as promised, Lux delivered! Beautiful shots, perfect faces and the allure of a dream!

The Lux girls have since the start been the ultimate It girls of the country. And to see these ruling women of the Pakistan film fraternity to share a screen has always been thrilling! From Babara Sharif to Saima to Amna Haq to the evergreen Reema, the Lux girls have always been shown to be beautiful poised and confident.

And since the start, the Lux TVC has always been something of a conversational topic in the country. And this was true of this time as well. Mawra was annnounced as the new Lux Girl and the Lux Style Awards taking over the torch from the ever beautiful Reema and the audience couldn't help but nod their heads in approval of selecting the right person, yet again, to be the face of the brand.

This was followed by the announcement of Maya Ali and Mahira Khan as well and the whispers of a TVC being made with the 3 of them started making rounds.

The day of the launch of the TVC you could feel the anticipation in the air as the LUX TVCs are nothing short of a dream sequence. Directed by Asim Raza and styled by HSY, the new Lux TVC is as expected, beautiful and brilliant.

Each girl perfectly represents each variant of the new range with the perfect colors and the beautiful backgrounds. It is a perfect dream sequence and you feel transmitted in your princess fantasy!

Lux has come up with 3 variants Hypnotic Rose, Charming Magnolia and Elegant Gardenia. The smells of these are blissfully light and actually long lasting which just puts a sweet end to the entire experience.

The way the TVC has been made, you can feel yourself transported to the grand setting of the Noor Mahal (in Bahawalpur where the entire TVC has been shot) once you smell them.

We hope we get to see more of these 3 divas on screen together as they represent the best of the best of Pakistan's film industry and we applaud Lux's choice for picking them up to be their face!