The Smartest Way to Work – Interwood Smart Spaces

The Smartest Way to Work – Interwood Smart Spaces

The modern workspace is evolving. A corporate world today demands greater output from employees, meaning more stress and longer work hours at the office. That’s why employees need flexible and dynamic work environments that boost productivity by balancing concentration and comfort. The first step to creating a smarter and more efficient workspace is smarter furniture. Enter Interwood’s range of SMART Spaces office furniture.

Unlike traditional office furniture, Interwood’s SMART Spaces range is designed to maximize office space and utility through its innovative and multi-functional furniture. Take the Meeting Pod, for example: This ultra-comfortable, modular lightweight meeting booth can be set up in multiple configurations (depending on the requirement) including fully-enclosed meeting space for up to 4 people. The noise-reduction cashmere fabric partitions naturally minimize sound from entering and escaping the pod, eliminating the need for a separate meeting room. The same technology is used in the Retro Telephone Booth, which provides a semi-private space to take calls without having to relocate to another room. The booth also swivels effortlessly from side to side, providing additional privacy whenever needed.

It also caters to employees that prefer working on the go. The standing meeting table, for example, allows up to 6 people to gather for a quick meeting without the need for seating. The elevated tabletop with built-in smart cable management keeps laptops and other items at the perfect height while the footrest below provides a comfortable step to help participants shift their weight while standing. The built-in AV inputs and wireless charging also allow phones and office devices to be charged with ease.

But if standing isn’t your thing, you can also choose from Interwood’s SMART Space’s range of bean bags and stools for quick breakout meetings for unlimited numbers of people. The Luxe Bean Bag free-shaped lounger adjusts to your body posture as you lie back and is a convenient way to work with or without a laptop. The regular bean bag, on the other hand, features an adjustable cloth backrest that can be rolled up or down to prop up or recline your seating position. Ottoman Panda and Star Ottomans are colorful and lightweight seating solutions that can be easily moved and combined for quick discussions, meetings and more. And if you’re interested in sitting back and working in style, the Ava Lounge Chair with Footstool is the latest in reclined office seating. Complete with bucket-style seating and plush cashmere fabric, this chair is a must-have for those looking for a quiet place to read, work or rest for long hours.

Whether you manage a small startup or a massive multi-national, Interwood’s SMART Spaces office furniture is the smartest way to maximize your workspace, boost productivity and take your business to the next level. For more information about the Smart Spaces range, visit any of Interwood’s showrooms across the country or log on to today.

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