Personalise Your Space With Interwood to Reflect Your Personality

Personalise Your Space With Interwood to Reflect Your Personality
Lifewares by Interwood is a niche range of home furniture and décor that includes home furniture, accessories, laminate flooring, kid’s furniture, bed sets, wardrobes, sofas and dining sets. There is a wide variety of items to choose from in each of these in beautiful designs and color schemes to appeal to the tastes and preferences of all buyers.

The entire range at Lifewares is elaborately listed in the Lifewares Catalogue accompanied with visuals, prices & dimension. We Like to call it our Lifeware’s Dictionary because it gives us complete details of Interwood’s products, colors, prices and much more! In this catalogue. You can browse through a collection of design and practical solutions for all the rooms in your house. Containing a visual depiction of each item, the Lifewares catalogue helps you imagine the perfect setting you can create in your home, the theme and how to style your space. Each product is described and all prices are clearly stated, giving you a cohesive idea of all available products.   Lifewares By Interwood has lately conducted a campaign focusing on two influencers styling their home with the help of Lifewares Catalogue.

On one occssion, Sarwat Gilani is filmed in her house, talking about how the catalogue is her bible to style her home. She speaks about how she has a relatively smalldDining area, but she is not worried as Lifewares By Interwood helps her design a perfect Dining setting. Sarwat tells us that she loves hosting lunches and dinners with her family and friends so she wants her dining room to look perfect at all times. She loves browsing through the Lifewares Catalogue that she too likes to call her ‘Lifewares Dictionary’ as it gives her a complete summary of all available products and makes it easy for her to choose from.

Some vital tips your way from Lifewares, as you consider revamping a space in your beloved home:

  • Use Bright Colors In small spaces
  • Use multi-purpose furniture in small spaces
  • Place at least one plant and have one window in each space
  • Go Green - plants in the house is good!
  • Paint smaller rooms with softer, lighter colors to make it look larger
  • Mix up patterns and textures to lit your space up

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