5 Style Mistakes You Should Vow Not To Make in 2017

5 Style Mistakes You Should Vow Not To Make in 2017
Start the new year with the resolution to never be caught in an outfit that you will regret years from now. By no means do we mean to stop you from experimenting with style, be bold and creative (we are all for it) but here are things to take note of as you step up your sartorial game!

Dont Wear Shoes That You Can't Walk In:

This does not only mean heels- shoes that are just uncomfortable - too narrow or too wide are just as painful. Though, beauty comes with a price, don't put yourself through all that pain. Keep it comfortable!

Head To Toe Designer:

Dressing up head-to-toe in designer just a big no-no. You might want to pair up all the pieces you own of your favourite designer together but there is absolutely no need to look like a walking look book - shows no creativity.


Don't dress up exactly the same as another person, you never know when you might bump into someone from the crowd, personalise your outfit, add your own touch to it.

No More White Sneakers:

White sneakers are the flip flops of 2016 - stop wearing them for everything from grocery runs to the club. If you must still stick by athleisure, include sneakers but add a bit of colour to it.


You might be big on social media but putting up every single picture of yourself with a hashtag #OOTD just does not work.  Switch your daily outfit picture for that of a sunset or a book that you are currently reading - guaranteed you will get as many likes!

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