How to take care of combination skin in the summer?

How to take care of combination skin in the summer?

Combination skin has both dry and oily areas. It happens because some parts of your face produce excessive sebum while others do not. The t-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) is more prone to oiliness, while dry areas around the cheeks, jawline, and hairline are common. The state of your skin may change with the seasons. The sebaceous glands become more active in the summer. The rise in temperature in this weather, combined with heat and humidity, increases the proportion of their growth. It makes dry skin more uneven and oily skin greasier. Because of the intensity of the sun's rays, melanin pigments grow more potent.

To avoid summer skin problems, you must immediately improve your skincare routine. Keeping your skin hydrated and free of sun damage can be difficult if you don't know which products and strategies to use. Summer skincare tips are essential for keeping your skin healthy over the summer. Here are some helpful skin care recommendations to help you create a customized skincare routine depending on your combination skin needs.

Cleanse your skin:

Combination skin requires proper skincare solutions to avoid irritating the dry, oily, and potentially blemish-prone parts. Products that do not contain soap are essential, especially cleansers. Use a face cleanser that helps mattify your oily T-zone while not drying out your cheeks and under-eye area.

The Fresh N Joy pore refining face wash with Lavender Extract is the best pick for combination skin. Its facial foam is specially formulated with lavender extract to refine and minimize pore size and balance the skin moisture. Lavender can truly aid by regulating the skin's oil production. As a result, it helps maintain a well-balanced moisture barrier, ensuring that the skin remains moisturized and does not dry out.


It can be tough to select a toner for combination skin. Make sure the toner you use is alcohol-free and free from fragrances and irritating ingredients. Toners containing alcohol can dry out your skin, reducing its moisture content. It can cause your sebaceous glands to create an excessive amount of sebum. A toner that nourishes your skin while also making you feel refreshed is an excellent choice for combination skin.


When summer arrives, one of the most crucial things to do is to switch to a light moisturiser. They help moisturize your skin while also preventing excessive sebum secretion. The reduction of sebum production may aid in the prevention of acne breakouts. Use an anti-oxidant moisturizer at night to keep your skin hydrated and nourished. Fresh N Joy Petroleum Jelly Blend consists of a formula enriched with almond oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, and vitamin E. A moisturizing, skin-softening, and pigmentation-brightening blend gives your skin the love and care it needs.


Every skin type requires sunscreen regularly. It is the most effective anti-ageing product. The sun's UV radiation can cause skin damage. UV rays can be detrimental to your skin at any time of year. Still, they are especially dangerous in the summer when our exposure levels are higher. Choose a sunscreen that absorbs and gels into your skin.


Exfoliating dead skin cells are essential for keeping combination skin in good condition. Once or twice a week, exfoliate your face. It will aid in the reduction of dead skin cells that may block your pores, hence reducing acne breakouts. You'll notice that exfoliating provides your skin with an instant radiance. Exfoliation will improve your body's preparation for self-tanning. For exfoliation, Fresh N Joy Exfoliating Face Wash is the best choice. Its natural components rejuvenate and refresh your skin with active extracts. It's great for discolouration and clearing away dead cell deposits on the face.

Avoid heavy makeup:

During the summer, avoid heavy makeup because it is more likely to produce sebum overproduction, unpleasant breakouts, and sticky skin on acne-prone skin. Also, avoid heavy makeup and too many cosmetic products. Too much makeup makes it harder for the skin to breathe. Humidity and heat have an impact on the skin's ability to breathe. Look for things that are non-comedogenic and will not clog your pores. 

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