Hair colour comes in handy when it’s time to jazz up your looks, but it can be damaging to your hair, especially when using bleach. Hair breakage, hair fall, thinning of hair, and much more after bleaching. In the end, you don’t have a choice except for crying and regretting your decision. 
That’s why it’s essential to use the proper hair care routine to get your hair back in shape. Follow our tips to have those virgin healthy hair back: 
Use Colour-Safe Products 
Using colour-safe products is key to maintaining your new hue for the long haul and keeping your bleached strands from becoming damaged. Look for sulfate-free formulas as they are more gentle on coloured hair and won’t strip or dull the colour. 
No Hot Showers

Hot showers may feel like the ultimate delight, but using too much hot water can strip your hair (and skin) of natural oils, which can lead to fading colour and dryness. Play it safe and turn down the water temperature while showering. 
Use A Leave-In Treatment
Bleach-damaged hair needs all the hydration it can get. Once your wash session is complete, follow up with a leave-in product as it’s one of the best hair treatments to help seal in moisture and keep your strands hydrated. Apply a generous amount of product onto damp hair, massaging it into the lengths and making sure to concentrate it on the ends. Once or twice a week, use a hydrating hair mask too. 

Fight Orange Hues with a Purple Shampoo and Conditioner
Bleached strands have a tendency to become brassy with warm yellow or orange hues. Reach for the toning purple shampoo and conditioner. This colour-protecting duo is formulated with purple pigments to neutralize unwanted orange and yellow tones while keeping your bleached strands extra vibrant. 

Use A Heat Protectant Before Styling
This goes for hair of all types because using hot tools without a heat protectant is a recipe for damage and even breakage. Not to mention, it can cause your hair colour to fade prematurely. 
Shield Your Strands from The Sun
The sun can make hair weak, brittle and dry, especially hair that is bleached. If you’re planning to spend an extended amount of time outdoors, remember to cover your hair properly and seek shade as often as possible.
Putting oil once a week never hurt anyone. You don’t have to go for extravagance hair oils, just pour some olive oil on your palm and apply it on your hair. Wash after two to three hours and repeat. Your hair will start improving after a few applications.

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