Hidden Treasures of Toronto

Hidden Treasures of Toronto
When we think of Toronto, a lot of things come to mind. Some might think of it has the home of the renowned pop singer: Drake or as home to the famous basketball team: The Toronto Raptors. While Toronto holds a different meaning for everyone, for me it feels like home.

Hence, I want to show you the city from my eyes, what it means to me and why I call this home away from home. Here are some of my favourite spots and things do in the city. For all those who are visiting Toronto, I would definitely recommend going to some of these places if not all!

1) Toronto Centre Island:

Take the ferry over to the Toronto Island, where you can enjoy the gorgeous view of the skyline. Other than the skyline, the Toronto Centre Island is a place filled with adventure, where you can enjoy biking through the island, kayaking, canoe-ing, swimming in the lake or even enjoying a game if Frisbee.



2) Explore the restaurants and coffee shops on King Street West:

King Street West is a really happening area of Toronto and has a lot to offer. This is known as the 'hipster part of town', as it is filled with super cute coffee shops and delicious restaurants. To name one - 'Jimmys Coffee' is a must try!



3) Distillery District:

Distillery District is one of the most historic areas of Toronto. Some famous spots in the area include the famous dessert spot cacao 1010 and possibly the cutest coffee shop: Balzac’s Coffee. Distillery district is also one of the most romantic spots in town, because similar to the love bridge in Paris, lovers can 'lock their love' in at the Love Installation.



4) Canada’s Wonderland:

For those who love roller coasters and all sorts of absolutely crazy yet fun rides, I would definitely recommend spending a day at Canada's Wonderland: The best amusement park in the city, hands down! You can enjoy riding on the Leviathan roller coaster and of course treat yourself to some delicious funnel cake.




5) Evening at the Jays game:

Toronto is known as the home of the Bluejays, as the famous Rogers Centre roof opens up during the summer for the Bluejay’s baseball games.

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6) The Thompson Rooftop Hotel Lounge:

This is a must go to spot in the city! Along with great food and music, you can enjoy swimming in their beautiful infinity pool which overlooks the CN tower.

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7) Hiking through the Scarborough Bluffs:

For all those who love adventure, there is nothing like hiking through the beautiful Scarborough Bluffs. This spot has the most beautiful hiking trails: recommended during the summer time and during fall- follow the trail to enjoy the breathtaking view from the top.





8) Union station food market:

An outdoor food market that comes about once a year in the summer, typically for the months of June and July. This market is filled with all kinds of food. The must try food at this spot is the nutella lined churo cone.

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9) A lazy afternoon at Sugar Beach:

Spend the afternoon enjoying the view at sugar beach, where you can relax under the super cute pink umbrellas and enjoy the most beautiful view of the lake.

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10) The famous Yorkville rock:

Yorkville is definitely one of the most beautiful neighbourhood’s in Toronto. Some of my favourite spots in Yorkville are the Nervosa outdoor patio, which serves the best pasta in town and of course Summers that serves delicious homemade ice cream.


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Is Toronto on your list of places to visit? 

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