One on One: Rohit Bal Talks All Things Fashion

One on One: Rohit Bal Talks All Things Fashion
Rohit Bal, one of the pioneer's of the fashion industry in the sub continent, has made clothes for almost every A list celebrity including megastar Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit, Aishwariya Rai and more recently for Kareena Kapoor and Deepika. It’s every film star's dream to walk the ramp for him. International names like Naomi Campbell and Uma Thurman too have endorsed his designs.

Rohit, graduated from St. Stephen's college with a first class in History Honours. He joined his brother's export firm before launching his debut menswear line in 1990, but his creativity made him one of the most sought after designers. He is known for mixing traditional and modern themes in his creations, which are timeless and classic. Bal has showcased his designs at global platforms in New York, Paris, and Dubai. His new collection called "Kehkashan" has been inspired by the Russian culture. We chat with Rohit at the master class in Dubai at the Harper Bazaar India Fashion Week. Rohit has 500 craftsmen working for his brand with four flagship stores in India.

He highlights the importance of fashion and how fashion has no boundaries.

"There shouldn't be balance in fashion. Fashion and balance don't go well. I think any creative person whether writer, painter, designer or any form of artist, if he finds balance then his/her creativity will be curved.”

Where do you get your inspiration from and how do you manage to succeed every time over the past 25 years?

“I get inspiration from life itself, every aspect of life. It's just how you find them, it's all around you.”

Talking about your new collection 'Kehkashan’ inspired by the Russian culture, how did you amalgamate with Indian aesthetics?

“When your heart is Indian and mind is global.” Rohit emphasises how the different cultures in the world are like "incredible treasures" to take ideas from and mix with the Indian aesthetics to create original pieces. It's the creative freedom.

What are your colour trends for this wedding season?

A big NO to purple! However, he goes on to say, don't restrict yourself to colours it should honestly just be about how you feel and what your heart says and see what connects with you naturally. Follow your basic instinct, be yourself and acquire personal sense of individualism. A creative person like an writer who pens down his words or designer when each time he/she cut the fabric or does the embroidery it has to be an expression of art; it has to be your personal style.

Which Bollywood star carries your creations the best?

“The stars shouldn't make your clothes. The clothes should stand out without any star name to support it. Having said that Arjun Rampal always looks good in my collection!”

Rohit Bal's couture collection was used for our H! Pakistan June issue to style Mikaal Zulfiqar and Sara Isis for our dual cover story.

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