Mughal Restaurant- Offering The Perfect Fine Dining Experience In The Heart Of Karachi

Mughal Restaurant- Offering The Perfect Fine Dining Experience In The Heart Of Karachi
They call Karachi the City Of Lights, but we, Karachiites, who’ve been living in this city for the past three decades know it’s more of a flavor heaven than a city famous for its lights and life. When it comes to food, what isn’t available in Karachi? And that too of the authentic taste? From desi, traditional, continental, Italian, Mexican, Lebanese, Thai, Turkish, and Arabic;  Karachi has the flavor of the world to offer those who seek.

Establishing the same fact with more consolidation and now offering Karachiites with another fine dine experience offering the most authentic Pakistani cuisines, the Gulshan Iqbal area of Karachi, welcomes the Mughal Restaurant, a place where authentic Pakistani flavour meets a beautiful and enjoyable fine dine experience.

Mughal Restaurant and the hands behind the brand have been trendsetters in Pakistani cuisine in Saudi Arabia. The restaurant established itself as reputable name for Pakistani dishes in the KSA and has maintained the reputation for more than two decades. Now, bringing the same ethos and taste to Pakistan, Mughal Restaurant, has opened its doors for the people of Karachi, in the heart of the city, Gulshan E Iqbal.

Hassan Square serves as an ideal location for the setup as a fine dining restaurant that offers the best in Pakistani as many cuisines lack in the area. We know there’s the best fish available in the block, but Mughal Restaurant has sought to provide quality, taste and a perfect fine dine ambiance for its patrons.

We had a chance of trying out a few of the Mughal Restaurant specialties and to be honest, we weren’t a bit disappointed by whatever we opted for from the menu.

First up was the Prawn Tempura. We’ve had the tempura a million times living here in Karachi and so, we know, not everybody knows how to make it best. However, the tempura served here not only does justice to its cost but also tastes absolutely divine. The size, the quality, the aroma and of course the taste of the tempura was absolutely perfect. Mouthwatering, we’d say!

For the main course, we went for Shashlik with rice, Kashmiri biryani, Mughlai Handi and Singaporean Rice, a wide variety to satisfy our curious taste buds.

The Kashmiri Biryani was definitely the winner. Mouth-watering aroma, perfectly cooked long grain rice topped with nuts and a taste to die for. It still gives me hunger pangs thinking about the Kashmiri Biryani we tried at the Mughal Restaurant. However, the Shashlik was nothing different from what the mainstream Chinese restaurants Karachi has been offering but nonetheless it brought about authentic taste and great flavor.

We also opted for Chicken Karahi for the main course and served with sizzling hot naans and offering a balanced taste of spices, it turned out to be my second favorite for the day. To be honest, I’ve found my new get it all place in Karachi when it comes to food. Mughal Restaurant is my next go to, whenever I crave for some fine dining experience with quality food and a vast variety to choose from.

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