New movies are great but sometimes old is gold so here are a few iconic movies that you should bring back from the shadows and rewatch just to get the feels as the memories flood back. These movies, ranging from Bollywood to Hollywood, are iconic hits that have shaped cinema into what it is today so if you can’t find anything new to watch, bring back these classics and have a movie night.


Legally blonde is a movie very much of its time but it is also one of the most iconic movies of the early 2000s. This movie revolves around the life of Elle woods a pink and perfect girl born in a rich household and part of a perfect sorority. She is a fashion major and has a seemingly perfect life with her perfect boyfriend Warner until he broke up with her and everything was flipped upside down.

As a way of proving herself to Warner, Elle decides to apply to Harvard Law School, and it turns out she ends up getting in with her perfect score on the LSAT. When she arrives at law school she sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the crowd in her pink and feminine demeanor, but Elle Woods is not one to back down and soon enough she proves herself with immense hard work that she is just as capable as the others, even when Warner and his fiancé discourages her.

She makes a statement with her hard work yet stays true to herself not necessarily trying to fit in. Till the end, we see her as ambitious, resilient, and hard-working even when all the situations are against her. Elle woods is a queen in a pink power suit who showed us that an ambitious woman doesn't have to be manly or serious.

Legally Blonde is a unique feminist film that is fun, light-hearted and immensely relatable. For everyone that hasn't watched the movie this one is a must-watch and if you have already watched it, why don't you give it a revisit?


Do I even have to say anything about the plot of this movie? This movie is a childhood classic that all of us have watched and danced to its songs at least once in your life even if you’re not a big fan of Bollywood. This movie is a complete package, a cute love story, with fun music, and travel goals.

This movie is truly one of its times but it is also an iconic hit. There are so many scenes in the movie that we have memorized and made memes about. This movie is a great one to watch after a long day with your friends or family and just have a fun and chill night.


Karachi se Lahore is a classic movie to watch with friends. This movie is basically about three friends who road trip to Lahore with their neighbours and their jeep for the main character Zaheem to stop his girlfriend's wedding, but things don't go as planned and they face a lot of hurdles along the way.

This movie is packed with comedy, friendship goals, and funny neighbour banter. Additionally, the music and the vibes of a road trip with your friends are perfect in this movie. Karachi se Lahore is a Pakistani comedy at its best and is a great one for weekend movie nights.


Dead Poets Society is yet another classic from the late 80s. This movie is a perfect student life movie revolves around a new shy student Todd Anderson at a posh private school of Welton. He is reeled into the academic pressure and a fun friendly group after joining. 

The movie deals heavily with academic life, family pressure, and individuality. It is an emotional roller coaster ride and a great friendship group. This movie has stunning acting and even more beautiful views. This movie is a perfect watch to de-stress, cry and relate to the main characters.


If you are an early 2000s kid, this movie had a huge impact on you. From the fun and bold Bunny to the nerdy Naina, not only did we fall in love with the characters, their trip, and their fun fights, but also fell in love with the group dynamic at Aditi's wedding and the beautiful and soulful music.

This movie gave us all the friendship goals and is a perfect movie to watch with your cousins, friends, and siblings to just talk about to bring back old memories, laugh and cry. 


Teefa in Trouble is a perfect action-filled comedy that has great chemistry between Maya Ali and Ali Zafar. This movie has great fight scenes, a cute love story, and exceptional acting by the whole cast. The movie revolves around Teefa who is raised by a single mother and works for a local gangster Butt Sahab and our beloved Anya who is a daughter of a famous businessman living in Warsaw, Poland and a friend of Butt Sahab. The movie revolves around how the two meet and all the chaos that ensues. It is a perfect family night movie that is bound to make you roll on the floor laughing.