'Lahore Se Aagey': Saba Qamar Surely Makes it Worth Your While!

'Lahore Se Aagey': Saba Qamar Surely Makes it Worth Your While!
After the success of Pakistani movies such as Actor in Law and Janaan overseas, Lahore Se Aagey hit the floors in Dubai this week. Seated at the movie premiere in Festive City, with minimal expectations I started watching the movie.

Spoilers ahead!

The screenplay is written by the extremely talented Yaser Hussain who plays the male lead as well. Initially, it was challenging to concentrate on a movie that opens with a character who is not your average good looking boy next door and also stammers. However, shortly after the audience seems to look past this and starts enjoying and appreciating his right fitting role that includes comical dialogues.

Moreover, the film director stuck to the theme throughout turning it into more of a light-hearted comedy.

The film contains a lot of one liners and follows an enigmatic format which focuses more on the experience of the film rather than the story line. This experience is largely captivating and Saba Qamar, the female protagonist surely makes it worth your while!

Saba Qamar carries the film on her shoulders and does not falter for even a second. Despite sporting one outfit through the movie, unlike any Bollywood heroine who changes countless outfits throughout the movie; she remains true to her character. She appears as a full fledged "masala pot boiler heroine" which proves her power and talent. It is evident that she has worked hard to take on the physical and emotional aspects of the character she plays.

And yes, finally our Pakistani film industry has an item number Kalabaaz that is not vulgar or cheap and appears just in time!

Though, I do wish Saba Qamar wore something more inspiring in this song rather than the boring gold lehnga with a colourful choli of the 90s.

The movie has a few glitches towards the climax where the male lead is insecure of his shortcomimgs and indecisiveness. It could have been done better, however the movie still has the substance to keep you entertained.

Our October issue cover girl just proves that she is the best in the business and I can't wait to see her more often on screen.

Additionally, the famous VJ from London and banker Mubashir Malik finally makes his debut and does a fine job of his role as do the two other villain characters.

Additionally, the cinematography could have been better executed, specially for the much celebrated Kalabaaz amongst the other great songs. The music album is a sure hit also.

Hasan Rizvi makes a great appearance and shows that he dances and choreographs the best when it comes to fun dance numbers.

Wajahat Rauf has structured the movie in a way that a two day story will not bore the audience as the movie progresses. While the movie travels across Islamabad and Swat, it keeps its light pace fun moments throughout.

On a whole, Lahore Se Aagay is a must watch!