'Baar Baar Dekho': Not Sure About Watching it Again and Again But Worth a Watch

'Baar Baar Dekho': Not Sure About Watching it Again and Again But Worth a Watch

Katrina Kaif lights up the screen once again this year after her previous filmFitoor. While Aditya Roy and her were a visual delight in the backdrops of beautiful Kashmir, this movie is no less when it comes to beauty. Katrina looks stunning in each and every scene; her flawless skin, luscious black hair and her bikini-body is reason enough to watch the movie - at least once!

The movie isn't that superficial though as Sidharth too plays an equal part in contributing to the beauty. However, in his case it is more than just looks, he is able to put his best foot forward to act the complex role he is given. He is brilliant in transitioning between the past, present and future version of himself.

He does it so effortlessly and gracefully that it doesn't feel so unnatural and unreal. He is able to deliver the message, carpe diem through inevitable incidents in his life that hr takes for granted. It is surely a reminder of living life in the moment and enjoying what each day has to offer without worrying too much about the future.

It targets the career driven people of today who have put their personal lives on hold and are willing to let go of the people whom they love for a secured job in the future. A lot of people can relate to Sidharth's character who is shown as a math genius landing up with an offer at the prestigious Cambridge university in the UK as an assistant professor. While, Katrina lives the role of a modern day painter, lover and gets it right!

Sidharth loses out on everything else; his wife, children, time spent with his mother in his pursuit of a career. And, this is what the movie teaches us to stop, pause and enjoy the moment rather than running after the future.

Additionally there is one thing for sure with each movie of Sidharth we can see him evolving into a better actor, adapting different roles and bringing out emotions that haven't been felt before through meaningful messages.

Conclusively, the film has a great moral but the screenplay makes it a dull watch. The soundtrack is amazing and so are the actors. Another surprise that this movie offers is the pretty actress of yesteryear, Sarika is seen in this movie after a long time on screen playing Sidharth's mother.

Well on this long weekend, if you are not expecting much from the film then it makes a good one time watch!

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