8 Struggles You Only Know If You Are A Consistently Late Person

8 Struggles You Only Know If You Are A Consistently Late Person
Are you that friend, employee or just a mere individual who has multiple alarms set yet can't ever manage to wake up on time? Or have people try to trick you in to being on time by telling you you're meeting hours before the actual time you are meant to meet? Is the wheel of time (if it exists) never on your side? Here are all the things every late person goes through on the long road to making it anywhere. 

1. Even your most creative excuse isn't good enough; people just fail to understand why you're late


2. Getting called out by your boss/school teacher for being late, and using you as a never-to-follow example to any new person


3. The horrifying, judgmental head-to-toe looks that you get as you walk into a room full of super punctual people


4. The one time you actually plan to be on time but something totally absurd comes up and no one believes you 


5. When people keep calling or texting to ask, "where are you?"


6. When you underestimate the traffic/ distance


7. When you can magically some-how believe you can make it on time...


8. Deep down inside, you know you will always be a late person and you have accepted it


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