'Hello Hijab' Initiative Celebrates Diversity By Introducing Headscarves For Barbie Dolls

'Hello Hijab' Initiative Celebrates Diversity By Introducing Headscarves For Barbie Dolls
A new initiative called Hello Hijab that aims to encourage a wider acceptance of hijabs at playtime and beyond takes an interesting approach by creating tiny headscarves for children to put on their Barbies and dolls alike.

While also getting children used to seeing headscarves in order to help fight stereotypes, it also aims to make playtime more inclusive. The $6 handmade hijabs that will be available on April 1, will be accompanied by a card educating people about the significance of hijab to Muslim women emphasising on acceptance and celebration of diverse choices.

A Muslim mother in Pennsylvania, United States, Safaa Bokhari of Oakland and her friend Gisele Fetterman have partnered with Pittsburgh non-profit organisation For Good for the Hello Hijab initiative.

According to the official website,

“Hello Hijab believes that while we may look different and have different beliefs, our similarities far outweigh our differences. We strive for a world where we all live and love together.”

Additionally speaking to the The Huffington Post, Bokhari added,

“Hello Hijab will be used by both Muslims and non-Muslims, so that children get used to the sight of women wearing the headscarf.”

“The idea of kids and girls playing with the hijab and the hijab becoming something usual, I think it will make a difference in the future,” Bokhari told the newspaper. “It won’t be a problem for my daughter, if she wants to wear hijab, it wouldn’t be considered something strange.”

The website states their commitment to charity with,

“Hello Hijab is made in Pittsburgh, with love. 100% of proceeds support organisations that protect and honour our multicultural communities.”

“I want little girls to see their mothers in these dolls, for kids all over the world to play them. I want American kids to become familiar with hijabs,” Fetterman said.

Moreover, the team behind the Hello Hijab believes,

"They will realise that when Barbie wears a hijab, she doesn't become a different creature," Bokhari said. "She's the same Barbie."