Struck By The Moral Police: The Misread Enigma

Struck By The Moral Police: The Misread Enigma
I awoke on what seemed to be a rather tranquil Saturday morning to be taken aback by the horrid news of Qandeel Baloch’s death. It took a considerable minute or two to register what had happened until I updated myself with the remaining social media platforms, to further find my news feed brimming with responses and tidings about the social media stars sudden and unexpected death.

I sat there silently speculating all that was being said in response to this tragic incident. Generally, I don’t resort to a Twitter rant but instead, set out to contemplate in solitude on the fundaments of the situation. A situation that had been cultivating under our very own ignorance ridden eyes, whose significance surpassed the surface of our opinions.

It was easy for us to criticise her for her sullied actions, to mock her and think of her actions as just another social climbing antic- like others before her also resorted to. Why was she never taken seriously? Well because, at the end of the day, everyone thought (or rather knew) that she was harmless and that she was just another woman desperate for all the attention that she was probably starved of. However the true question arises as to why has there been a zealous and relentless effort to attain the applause? And most importantly what created Qandeel. Right now the world is focused on the themes of misogyny, patriarchy and discrimination, overlooking the simplest of them all ‘pure human struggle’. Something that all of us are familiar with but, up until now, no one has addressed or even justified the factors which led to the reincarnation of Fauzia into Qandeel.

Visualise a household whose existence is constantly threatened by the average domestic and societal pressures. In this household there is an inquisitive little girl, just as any child may be, but is shunned in ways unknown to us and will very well remain untold, further repressing and confusing the child. Soon the elders of the household have successfully strained the child’s general outlook; the young child is flooded with a cluster of confusion and is unable to divide her disarray into technical reasons when she has not found sufficient guidance. Nowhere to turn, she allows the mental chaos to bud in her objectivity, given her constraint environment the only exposure that reaches this child is that of minimal quality in the form of sequins, high pitched voices and sexual innuendos flashing on a television thus imprinted on her mind. Since this is the sole education she receives from sources that are not waging a war of conscience within, she grasps it and learns a valuable lesson of independence to constructs her own perceptions because she’s aware that no one is willing to provide her with the clarity that she deserved. Thus she struggled and fought her way to recognition with what she resonated with deeply- rebellion! Which further harnesses that sentiment. The non-conformist began to break away from the chains of hypocrisy, presented herself to the world as the unconventional diva that she was and most of all had zero qualms to do all that she felt was necessary.

Ever since she surfaced, I personally felt thoroughly intrigued by her actions. Never did I judge her and yes I might have uttered a joke or two but nevertheless Qandeel forever managed to withhold a spell over me, as I failed to grasp onto the many complexities of a misunderstood girl. When you look into her eyes, one spots a certain vacancy. That void always sent subtle chills down my spine and that is what shaped the provocative and vocal sensation that had the power to rattle us all.

I am in no way trying to glamorise her death or resorting to these words just because she is no longer among us, instead I tried to understand her while she was alive because unconventional actions will always pose as a subject of fascination for me. I believe that certain notions of purity and morality are over rated. Humans are not born immaculate rather we have to pave our way to the truth and on the way endure all sorts of challenges possible.

Most riveting is the significance of irony in this entire situation, who could fathom that a national (joke gone viral) would be urging intellectuals to rise in solidarity, question norms and, above all else, teach us to value human life. Those who once ridiculed her now pray for her soul. It is comforting to see that basic empathy is not lost on our people yet how many Qandeel’s have to be sacrificed for us to open our hearts to one another. We are not unaware of the prevalent and strong honour killing practice neither are we oblivious to the bias practices that embody our society. It is quite simple to sit behind our computer screens advocating Jihad against misogyny, but in reality bigotry actually is more or less naïve to think about- that making such statements alone will lead to a reconstructed environment.

For centuries people have been burnt at the stake for committing adultery along with dubbing the female sex as an inferior gender. It may have been thousands of years ago, but now it is the thousandth year- an era where interaction is at its climax with countless outlets, a time where women are gaining empowerment. Nothing happens overnight, however, the night is among us and it is in our hands whether to submit or to battle for enlightenment.

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