Six TV Shows You Should Binge-Watch Right Now!

Six TV Shows You Should Binge-Watch Right Now!
Looking for your latest obsession? Here’s a list of forgotten gems and big names to stream right now!

Since there’s so much great television, it’s always tricky narrowing the list down to six, so feel free to share your top picks in the comment section below.

Happy Valley (2014-16)

james norton happy valley

sarah lancashire happy valley

Seasons Available: One

Quite possibly the finest cop show on television, this little known drama put’s Netflix’s binge function to excellent use. Unpretentious and matter-of-fact, Happy Valley perfectly captures the meaning of being British. The two-season drama also features what may well be one of the most likeable heroines to grace prime-time television in the form of Sarah Lancashire’s Catherine Cawood. Bonus: James Norton, so appealing as the angelic vicar in period piece Granchester, once again shows his exceptional range as cold-blooded rapist, Tommy Lee Royce.

Billions (2016)

billions damien lewis

Seasons Available: One

Damien Lewis and Paul Giamatti go head-to-head in this compelling drama that manages to make hedge funds sexy. What Billions lacks in subtlety, it more than makes up for in fun. It’s the ultimate guilty pleasure.

Freaks and Geeks (1999)

freaks and geeks 2

freaks and geeks

Seasons Available: One

One of the greatest shows ever made, this 18-episode-long series introduced viewers to household names such as Seth Rogen, James Franco and Jason Segel. The reason for Freaks and Geeks’ enduring popularity is it’s realism in depicting run-of-the-mill adolescent issues. As Entertainment Weekly’s Ken Tucker notes: “This may be the first TV show since Pee-wee's Playhouse to treasure youth even as it embodies all of its contradictions, craziness, hopes, and fears.”

Arrested Development (2003-2013)

arrested development 1

Arrested development 2


Seasons Available: Four

Arrested Development is one of those rare shows that make you feel genuinely lucky to be alive. Hand’s down one of the funniest shows ever, it’s beauty lies in the fact that though none of the characters are really trying to be humorous, they somehow manage to be more hysterical than anyone you’ll ever meet.

War and Peace (2016)

war and peace 2016 1

Programme Name: War & Peace - TX: n/a - Episode: War & Peace - Generics (No. Generics) - Picture Shows: Dolokhov (TOM BURKE), Anatole Kuragin (CALLUM TURNER), Anna Pavlovna (GILLIAN ANDERSON), Prince Vassily Kuragin (STEPHEN REA), Helene Kuragin (TUPPENCE MIDDLETON), Pierre Bezukhov (PAUL DANO), Natasha Rostov (LILY JAMES), Prince Andrei (JAMES NORTON), Nikolai Rostov (JACK LOWDEN), Sonya (AISLING LOFTUS), Princess Marya (JESSIE BUCKLEY), Prince Bolkonsky (JIM BROADBENT) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Mitch Jenkins

Seasons Available: One

Andrew Davies’ take on Tolstoy’s epic saga of the Russian aristocracy seeking its soul is entertaining as hell. Partially shot in St. Petersburg this lavish adaptation features epic battle sequences, vividly drawn character sketches (top honours go to Paul Dano’s heartrending Pierre) and a script that rises to the level of Tolstoy’s words.

London Spy (2015)



This BBC miniseries is one of those shows that only vaguely relates to what you first imagine it might be. Beautifully shot and filled with excellent performances (none more so than a mesmerizing Ben Whishaw) much of London Spy’s appeal lies in staying still while two people talk. Essential watching for those who like to think, it’s a real game-changer for the spy genre.