The Wedding Book: Everything You Need to Know to Plan Your Wedding

The Wedding Book: Everything You Need to Know to Plan Your Wedding
As the lucky bride, you will likely find yourself with a dream team of helpers, willing to lend you a hand in planning your wedding. However, even if you hire a wedding planner, there should be someone in charge and ultimately that is you. Here is an A to Z of all you need to know when planning a wedding! 


Congratulations and celebrations − it's time to spread the word, you’re getting hitched and ready to shout it from the rooftops! From classic mithai boxes to gourmet confections, timely deliveries are a must!


Bridal Outfits:

In hierarchy the bridal look is only second to the bride herself on weddings, and in Pakistan the choices are endless from silhouettes to designers.

Cholis – the reigning champion of wedding fashion has made a dramatic comeback in recent years. Ladies, get in those extra Pilates classes to wear this midriff-bearing number outfit changes – with the unbelievable variety on the bridal market, some brides have a tough time just choosing one look; designers are hot on the trend of creating complimentary and cohesive pieces for brides.

Designers – whether you opt to design your own or get a bespoke piece made by a top designer, the choice must reflect not only how you envision yourself on your big day, but also similarity in design aesthetic.

Lehngas or ghararas or churidars – the world is truly your oyster with designers taking the fall runways by storm with a number of choices for brides-to-be. Going traditional with gharara, taking the princess route in a lehnga or stomping to your own drum in a churidar, there’s something out there for every bride!


Invitations sent? Fittings done?? Hair and make-up appointments set? Every bride needs a checklist to keep the hundreds of things-todo fresh on her mind and safe from being forgotten.

Dances (Synchronised):

The warm-up to the big day for siblings, cousins and friends to show off their dance numbers in celebration of the couple – high energy and fun is a winning combo!


The official wedding pre-parties thrown by your nearest and dearest, dholkis are a great way to get the wedding spirit started and have family and friends mingle from both sides of the bridal party!


With the average cost of weddings skyrocketing year after year, it’s best to know where you want to splurge and where you can save. Have a farmhouse or a friend with one? Utilise that space and save on venue cost, know an incredible graphic artist? Commission them for your invitations.


Some may say it’s the best part of being a wedding guest − getting to eat! Keep it simple, keep it delicious. There is nothing more mouth-watering than a classic halwapuri-kabob mehndi − bonus for chaat appetisers and fresh naan.


Weddings are a great time for reunions with family and friends coming together to celebrate, along side the big events, is the daily ronaq with people in and out of the bridal homes – plan fun activities with out-of-towners and ice breakers between family and friends.

Guest List:

In Pakistan, this means absolutely everyone! With the trend of smaller weddings coming through, make sure your nearest and dearest make the cut.


Fashion forward grooms can look out for more daring designs for their big days − coordinate looks and make sure your groom’s personality shows throughout the  wedding, both the bride and groom's choices should be seen in everything, from music choice to colour schemes!

H is for Honeymoon Hotspots:


Hello! narrows down the top ten honeymoon destinations around the world for you to start your happily ever after.

Maldives: The beautiful island along the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea, Maldives, meaning ‘garland’, is !t to be called paradise on earth. It is perfect for couples looking to unwind after all the wedding madness and enjoy the beauties of nature.

Seychelles: This 155-island country, located in Southeast Africa, hosts everything from beaches to forests. Whether you want to enjoy coral sand, cays or coral islands, Seychelles has it all.

Mauritius: Located in the Indian Ocean, the clear blue waters and white sandy beaches of Mauritius make it a breathtaking backdrop for any occasion.


Italy: Undoubtedly the most beautiful country in Europe, Italy hosts some of the most gorgeous cities in the world and with its rich heritage of history and art, it remains on our top list of honeymoon spots.

St.Lucia: One of the Windward Islands, St. Lucia is located in the Caribbean Sea and is the most mountainous volcanic island in the region. The tropical weather and scenic beaches and mountains, make this a popular tourist and honeymoon retreat.

French Polynesia: The clear blue skies, vivid turquoise lagoons and moss green peaks of French Polynesia make it the chicest and most laidback island for a relaxing getaway.

South Africa: Popular for its wildlife and adventure-rich experiences, South Africa remains a discoverable region and a perfect choice for an activity filled and one-of-a-kind honeymoon experience.

Mexico: A country with everything from teeming cities, jungles and beaches to fiesta fireworks and a beaming nightlife, Mexico is the place to be in the South American region.


Bali: The colourful culture of Bali, exquisite beaches, luxurious hospitality, wonderful natural sites and countless waves for sur!ng make Bali a unique and affordable island to discover.

Thailand: Friendly and fun-loving, colourful and exotic, Thailand stands out as a popular honeymoon and wedding destination with its glorious temples and beaches.


You can take the classic route or you can go for desi finesse, or you can find an adorable graphic on Pinterest and be completely out of the box. Regardless, you have to get those invitations out on time – wedding season is jam-packed!


Incorporate your in-laws! The most fun at weddings is when everyone feels included; have tons of smaller events and dinners where both families interact and size each other up!

Joota Chupai: 

Put on Hum Apke Hai Kon and live this awkward tradition through the silver screen! If you’re still game for some green, keep it classy and lighthearted always! A brawl over a khussa is never a good look on a wedding.

Kick-back and Relax:

Get in the posed photos and get them done early! This is your day to let go of the small details and take it all in with your groom, family and friends! Dance the night away, share the laughs and make sure you let your photographer know you’re looking for these moments to be captured.

Love and Laughter:

Amidst all the chaos and while striving for things to be perfect, remember that it’s a celebration of love and union − take a breath, don’t sweat the

small stuff and have a good time!


In Pakistan, we have a monopoly on amazing weddings, but nothing really beats the pre-wedding bonanza, which is the mehndi! The precursor to marriage hood is a night of music, dance and infectious joy!

Dhol walas – That traditional beat is the alarm clock for attendees that the fun is about to begin! Get your dhol wala booked early, as wedding season gets congested and talk with both the drummer and DJ to synchronise so his beats are heard.

Gainday kay phool/Gajray – On our weddings, we rock our gold and polki finest, but mehndi night is a great throw back to wear traditional flower jewellery.

Dholis – If you’re a bride looking to make an entrance, be carried in on a traditional dholi − outfit it to match the décor and vibe of your function.

Luddi – Move aside its luddi time! Ladies of the families dance in circular formation after bringing in the bride (or groom) into their mehndi ceremony. Luddi is a great time to get as many people involved and up the atmosphere.

Bangles – Giving them as favours at the function, to wear, is a great way to get your guests in the spirit of the function.


Nikkah + Bidh: 

For Muslims, the barat isn’t the wedding, but it’s the signing of the nikkah where both the bride and groom, surrounded by family say their ‘I

do’s’ or in our case ‘kabools!’ The nikkah can be at the reception or before.



Weddings in South-Asia are dripping in golds, crystals, reds and florals from the tip of the tent to the backs of our hair dos – when it comes to wedding opulence, we hold the crown − remember as shiny as you want it, keep it as a reflection of you.



A true crown for for a king on his wedding.


Wedding planning can be incredibly stressful − make sure to get in tons of TLC with soothing massages, manicures, pedicures and therapy blow-outs!

Post Wedding Dinners:

It’s all over, but not really − post-wedding dinners arenumerous and plenty and go on for months after a couple ties the knot. Make sure to let people know when you’re available and dress with a little wiggle room, that lost wedding weight may start creeping back!

Qawali Nights:

In between pre-wedding bashes, dholkis, club nights, mehndis and hours of dancing, it’s nice to kick back and take in the classics with a night of Qawali − though many of these turn into all night ragers, the soothing ambiance is a welcomed retreat from wedding madness.


It’s the symbolism of a daughter saying goodbye to her home and 'before’ that brings on the tears, but these days it’s being taken back, and brides are leaving surrounded by friends holding sparklers and ear-to-ear smiles.

Sehra Bandi:

Florally blinded! The sehra is tied and the groom will be on his way – Tip: Have a groomsman or family member send the bride a pic of the process!


Is there anything more handsome than a groom in a sherwani? To get a personal touch, have the groom rock a pocket square, go a little daring with some heirloom jewellery or completely wild with fun socks!


Hound down these masters of fitting because come November, unless you’re a lucky ducky, chances are these guys will be booked up fast!


The yellow paste that makes us all beautiful – or that’s what we are to believe? Get it on the bride’s face, but please spare her clothes!


If a hall or hotel is a must, book it ASAP! We can’t stress enough how important locking down the right place is − view a number of options and go with your gut!

Wedding Season:

Clothes, parties, heaters, tents, multiple stops in one night and exhaustion − nothing beats the buzz and excitement of wedding season! Arm yourself with gorgeous shawls, forgiving pumps and your wedding finest!


With so many weddings, one has to find a way to stand out! Foregoing dances and opting for live music from legends like Arif Lohar, or having classically trained dancers perform, maybe even cultural dance groups from the north, wedding entertainment is in the hands of the hosts and can really tip the scales!

Yellow - Mayun:

If red defines our barats, yellow pretty much covers all other functions! Dholki, mayun, and mehndi feature classic marigold yellows prominently –

incorporate a touch of yellow in your décor if it isn’t your favourite colour to wear!


If you have pieces coming down from generations or are having bespoke, new pieces made to your specifications there’s no denying the power of jewellery on your big day! With the reprisal of traditional style polki and raani-haars, brides are putting a lot of emphasis on their accessories! When

picking your jewellery, make sure you’re not doing overkill against your outfits – classy and complimentary is the way to go!

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