Amir Adnan: A One-man Powerhouse

Amir Adnan: A One-man Powerhouse
Having had started the brand in the 1990s, the fashion maestro Amir Adnan, has made great strides in the world of men’s fashion.

Unknown to many, Amir kicked off his fashion journey designing ties. Working as a banker at the time, he knew how dull the corporate attire eventually becomes, so providing men the chance of adding something of their own was all the designer needed to make his mark in the industry.

Now after 27 years, Amir Adnan stands tall among many of the country’s leading brands and is also an established name in the international scene.

Here’s the mastermind behind the brand, Amir Adnan himself, talking about everything from his inspiration to his greatest achievement and future plans.

“Islamic arts and craft has always been an inspiration for me”, shared Amir on what really stimulates his creativity. The ancient manuscripts have a very mystical feel to them which can be traced in the brand’s collections. Amir also noted how innovative Islamic calligraphy is, its deep rooted colors, fonts and elements, all are in a symmetry and that’s what he has always aimed for, having a stability in his designs.

Being a business graduate, Amir has a natural urge for balancing everything, while it used to be balance sheets before, now it’s all about finding equilibrium in his designs. “Opulence and simplicity is what I always try to achieve in my collections, a design should be balanced to attract a buyer”, shared the ace couturier.

Amir also picked grooms wear as his personal favorite, as it gives him more room for experimentation. He also added that once an experiment shines through, it gets trickled down onto the prêt.

Having dressed a number of celebrities, politicians and crickets in his illustrious career, Amir desires to one day design for the Chinese President, which will also be a benchmark for him. “China and Pakistan share a mutual love for appreciation of details. Chinese art is sheer brilliance as seen in their pottery and painting”, the designer added.

As the famous saying goes “clothes don’t make a man”, self confident and high achieving men serve as a muse for his fashion line.

Being a veteran and one of the very first designers, Amir Adnan believes that his biggest achievement is not the global acclaim or his numerous LSA wins. But empowering his workers is what prides him the most. “My tailors don’t work for me, I buy their services”, he shared.

Wrapping up, Amir Adnan highlighted his vision for the next 5 years. He said that he wishes to see the brand become more exclusive and enriching for the customers. “An Amir Adnan item should outlive its standard timeline; it should be something of high perception and also be passed on over generations”.