Fill us in on how you entered the modelling industry? Was it destiny or fate? 

It was a bit of both for me. Growing up, it was unusual for me to see girls like me in commercials, fashion shoots or in media, and so my journey has been a pleasant surprise because I never imagined any of this to happen for me. I was a fresh graduate from art school and when Covid-19 hit, I started my blog as a means to keep myself busy and venture out into fashion, maybe get an internship in a magazine such as this one too (laughs). I then made well informed decisions with the opportunities that came my way, one thing lead to another and here I am!

Describe your perfect day off when you are not modelling?

I love the simpler things in life. With the kind of work schedule that I often have, I really just enjoy the company of a few good friends, good music and some good food! I am most certainly a homebody, so spending time at home with my family and my dog is what is most comforting and relaxing for me. I also love painting which I do plan on getting back to, singing and reading. These little but valuable things bring me joy.

What does your work routine look like?

Well, it can be quite taxing and demanding at times, but much like anything in life it is important to find the right balance, and to remember to never jeopardize your health. So I try and keep my weekends off, because weekends are for family, friends and me. But the rest of the week is treated as any other job would be. I’m present, I’m punctual, and every day I hope to be better, and do better.

What is your greatest strength as a professional?

My greatest strength would be that I am collaborative. I’m a team player, reliable, resourceful and instinctive.

If not a model, what would you be?

I would have been in advertising maybe, or possibly in some kind of performative/ creative field. Maybe I would have been a singer, who knows! But any way, there’s still a lot that I have yet to do.

What do you think about Pakistan’s fashion industry? Can we improve?

I still think that the fashion industry, although it’s come a long way and is a lot more inclusive than it used to be, is still not inclusive enough. We still have work to do, people to represent, and stereotypes to break away from. To me, improvement means growth, and the fashion industry should never stop growing, unlearning and improving.

What do you do to stay in shape?

I honestly don’t do much, in fact I do not represent the very conventional and somewhat ideal model figure, i.e., thin and tall. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s also completely alright to not be that. All shapes and sizes should and must be celebrated, and I truly believe that.

My journey to loving my body just as it is still continues. I try to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, because I care about my body, but that’s pretty much it.

How would you describe your fashion sense?

I love fashion, I always have and always will. Dressing up has always been a way in which I express myself. Wearing colours adds joy to my life and instantly helps put me in a better mood, and sometimes even the people around me. I like embodying both masculine and feminine sides of me in the way that I typically dress, and comfort for me is the most important.

If I feel look, I will automatically look good!

Which three songs are you listening to on repeat at the moment?

I’m an old soul when it comes to music. I grew up listening to all the classics for which I have my dad to thank! So these might be unpopular song/band choices, but I’ve been listening to everything Pink Floyd, The Doors, and David Bowie lately. Music is the essence of my life, and the songs keep changing with the several phases I go through.

Trinette in three words? 

Empathetic, sensitive and intuitive.