A Pakistan Affair: An Epicurean Voyage Through Pakistan

A Pakistan Affair: An Epicurean Voyage Through Pakistan
Whether you’re a desi dessert person or not, you will want to save this Shahi Tukray recipe for later. We tried it and it is divine. 

Bread — 6 slices
Milk — 1½ kg
Sugar — 1¾ cups
Cardamoms — 3 or 4
Almonds — handful
Cashew nuts — handful

Fry slices of bread until goldenbrown.
Boil milk until it thickens.
Add sugar (milk should taste a little sweeter than normal).
Boil cashews and almonds. Peel and slice them and add to the thickening milk while stirring constantly.
When the quantity of milk is reduced to half, immerse the bread slices in the milk and cook on low heat.
Do not stir.
Crush cardamoms and sprinkle over the slices.
When the slices are so soaked that they begin to break when lifted, take them out carefully one by one and lay them on the bottom of a shallow serving dish.
Continue heating the milk till it thickens further, and pour over the bread slices. Serve at room temperature or warm.

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