Hello! Exclusive: Half An Hour With Abdullah Qureshi

Hello! Exclusive: Half An Hour With Abdullah Qureshi
This self-taught singer and musician is now releasing original singles after years of performing covers on YouTube 

Artists need inspiration. Who or what is yours?

Anything that touches my heart, inspires me to write a piece of music. From a heartbreaking relationship to a beautiful natural view, it could be anything.

The moment you realised music was your dream?

When I was a child, I think four or five years old …

Tell us about your first project?

Well I started out as a YouTube artist seven or eight years ago; my first project was my cover of ‘The Scientist’ which I recorded with a small camcorder at that time.

One piece of advice you would give to upcoming artists?

Start making original music.

One musician you aspire to be like? Why?

Probably John Mayer, because he seems very calm and his music reflects that; but I believe in creating my own identity and just not be like someone else.

Your feelings when you performed a live gig for the first time?

I was a lead guitarist in a rock band and it was a Battle of the Bands; we thought we sounded great but we came last.

Favourite pastime or ongoing hobby?

I love playing the drums and percussions in my free time.

What projects are you working on right now?

My latest single called Kaali Santro is all set to release, following the release of popular originals such as Tere Liye, Pardesi and Intezaar.

In one sentence, how do you see your future in the next five years?

Touring the world!

If you got a music award, who would be the first person you’d thank in your acceptance speech?

My parents, for believing in me and letting me pursue music as a full-time career

In another lifetime, who would you want to be if not a musician?

A painter, maybe …

Your ideal lifestyle?

Travelling the world with sufficient money.

Success means…?


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