Expert Speak: Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist Fatima Nasir

Expert Speak: Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist Fatima Nasir
The Lahore based makeup artist, Fatima Nasir talks trends, tips and future moves!

Q1) What was the definitive moment that made you realise you wanted to become a makeup artist?

When you’re a fashion designer and you keep buying tons and tons of makeup, it’s the universe’s way of telling you what you should be doing. I love makeup and have always been interested in learning more and getting better at it.

Q2)Is this something you always wanted to do?

I guess so. Even though fashion design was my first career choice and something I pursued seriously for several years - this was always something I wanted to do.

Q3) What three makeup items can you never leave your house without?

Moisturiser, eye cream and lip balm - because hydration is super-important for healthy skin.

Q4)  Define yourself in one word


Q5) One celebrity that you would like to work with that you haven’t already?

Saba Qamar-because she’s simply amazing!

Q6) If you could swap places for a day with anyone else, which one would you choose?

My PR agent - so I could finally give myself a day off!

Q7) What do you do in your free time?

I catch up on my sleep, spend quality time with my wonderful husband and play with my cats.

Q8) What are your future plans?

The number one request I get is people asking me to train them - I’d definitely like to setup a hair & makeup academy in the near future...if I can find the time!

Q9) How and from whom do you draw inspiration?

I find inspiration from all around me; whether it’s everyday moments or the amazing work other makeup artists are doing around the world.

Q10) A piece of advice for all aspiring makeup artists out there!

Put in the time and never compromise on the quality of your work

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