7 Rules To Rock Your Shorts This Summer

7 Rules To Rock Your Shorts This Summer
Entombing our legs in denim all summer long is unnecessary and also uncomfortable. So instead, men switch to shorts- freeing themselves from the prison that is their full length denim jeans. And why not? It is 2016 after all. However, the actual question is, where exactly can shorts be, legitimately, worn? As the summer months progress, along with it comes the unbearable heat (thanks to global warming) but our sense of fashion does not need to compromise. Where can the line be drawn? Will men ever be able to wear shorts to a wedding? And will Mahjabeen, from Human Resources, ever allow us to get our legs out on the nine-to-five?

Here are the 7 rules of wearing shorts in the summer:

Rule no 1: The Adequate Length

The safe route, in general, is roughly two or three inches above the knee. Anything higher and you will look like an NBA player from the ‘60s. Anything lower is going to hurt the visual appearance of your frame (as well as your manhood). Under no circumstances should your shorts finish below your knees.


Rule no 2: The Fit

The perfect fit for your pair of shorts might not sound like much of a problem but, trust us, it is the only thing that pairs up with the acceptable short length to make your shorts look striking. They need to fit like pants. Slim through the seat (a.k.a. "ass") and straight down through the top of the thigh with a taper at the leg opening. Since shorts add bulk to only the top of your legs, that type of cut will make the transition to your bare lower leg much less abrupt than a baggier style. They should be slim, but with a little room for your thighs to breathe. Well, you're not the Hulk! Hence, you do not want your quads to bulge out from the hem.


Rule no 3: Shirts

A classic is the polo shirt. We would advise you to tuck it in, to achieve a polished look. Coloured button shirts are another great way to rock those pair of shorts. But make sure to roll up the sleeves and maybe leave it untucked to achieve a refined look.


Rule no 4: Mind the Feet

No matter how cool your high-top sneakers may be, they do not go well with shorts. If anything, they give the illusion of shorter legs. A pair of canvas Vans, some Stan Smiths, or some low-top Chucks, however, look amazing with shorts. Dress shoes can look good too, but be sure to keep the rest of your outfit just as polished and "professional". If done right, ‘dress shoes’ can transform your look from casual to sleek in no time. Another option, is ‘Sandals’ which are great for frolicking around in the sand. Boat shoes, on the other hand, are more stylish, “mature”, and can be worn on pretty much any occasion. Flip-flops are a big no no for us!

Rule no 5: Socks Rule

Never, ever, ever wear (visible) socks with boat shoes. When it comes to other footwear, things get murky. To play it safe, go either sock-less or invest in a few pairs of Falke, Stomper Joe or Stance.

Rule no 6: Accessorise Yourself

For final touches, put on a great pair of sunglasses. There are various options to pick from. Our favourites are Aviators and Wayfarers from Ray-Ban. Accessories have the power to transform any look.

Rule no 7: No Shorts on Formal events

Do not wear shorts to a wedding EVER! Or any other formal event for that matter. For such events, opt for either a pair of cotton chinos or linen trousers instead. As for wearing shorts to work, that's all based on the dress code at your place of employment. If they are acceptable, we recommend a tucked-in polo shirt and casual dress shoes.

Now go rock those shorts!

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