On Tuesday, Pakistan women’s national football team won against the Maldives with a score of 7-0 at the SAFF Women’s Championship. It was their first win in eight years. It was a proud moment for us but there are some people, some misogynists, who can’t stop staring at women even in burkas’ and are never happy with their achievements because ‘place of a woman is in the kitchen’ with ‘fully covered clothes’.

The reporter asked team coach Adeel Rizki why the players were “wearing knickers [shorts] when they could have worn leggings” during the match.

Let’s talk about Islam as the reporter has already brought up this topic. Yes, Islam doesn’t allow us to wear shorts and show our skin, but our religion, our believes, and whatever we do, is between us and our God, who are you to barge in and try to make everyone follow your beliefs? If you know that Islam has a dress code, you must also know that you can’t force anyone to follow it.

We are adults and are capable of taking our own decisions, whether it’s about us driving or deciding what to wear. We have never seen someone pointing out men's clothes, or have you missed the part where Islam is talking about you?